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The Best Chocolatiers in the World in 2022

Michel Cluizel is one of the best chocolatiers in the world. His Chocolate is located in Paris. Others in this list include Pierre Marcolini, Christian Constant, and Jacques Genin. You can find out more about their creations in this article. You can also find out more about their chocolate shops.

Michel Cluizel’s Chocolaterie

Michel Cluizel’s Chocolaterie is a family-owned bean-to-bar chocolate maker. It was founded by Marc Cluizel in Damville, Normandy, in 1948. Its chocolates are rich, creamy, and delicious. Cadbury Gifts Direct Voucher are the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day or for any time of year.

Mass-Produced Lines

The chocolate factory is housed in a low-rise building that evokes a professional, but not industrial, feel. There are no mass-produced lines here, and the chocolates are crafted with care. The factory even has its own laboratory with microscopes and computer equipment. The laboratory allows the chocolate maker to see and test all aspects of its chocolate production, from its ingredients to its flavor and appearance.

The Michel Cluizel’s Chocolaterie is a family-run business that is known for its exquisite chocolates and confections. It employs 200 people at two factories in Normandy and New Jersey. The chocolates are sold at retail locations and to professionals. Visitors can sample the chocolates at their shops and chocolate museum, and enjoy paint-your-palate activities.

Pierre Marcolini

Founded in 1995, Maison Pierre Marcolini has a global presence with 40 boutiques in eight countries. Its first store is located in the former home of Victor Hugo in Brussels. Its second store is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates’ famous Emirates Mall. It has a boutique plus workshop producing ‘grands crus’, or premium chocolate tablets.

One of the most celebrated chocolatiers in the world, Pierre Marcolini has made his passion his business. He started making chocolates in 1995 and aimed to make them unique. His first creations incorporated spices and infusions. They were sold in a small format of fifteen or twenty grams.

Jacques Genin

The renowned French chocolate maker Jacques Genin started his business in the 15th arrondissement in Paris and soon gained the attention of world-class chefs. Today, he has two flagship stores in the Marais neighborhood of Paris, and is widely considered one of the world’s best chocolate makers. A self-taught chocolatier, Genin is known for his meticulous attention to detail, perfect balance of flavors, and exquisite presentation.

Jacques Genin’s confections are known all over the world, from his exquisite carres to his fruit-paste creations. His confections are reminiscent of small jewels that are perfumed with subtle ganaches. Located in the Marais, the shop is famous for its exquisite creations and a tea salon, where customers can indulge in an exotic blend of fruit and chocolate.

Christian Constant

As a chocolatier, Christian Constant specializes in gourmet chocolate and confections. His Parisian locations include the boutique in the Jardin du Luxembourg and Les Cocottes, named after a traditional baking dish. Constant’s creations are popular during the holidays, especially Christmas and Easter.

While his name might evoke images of chocolate and chefs, Constant doesn’t consider himself a chef. In fact, he has been wanting to teach cooking classes for some time. His goal is to show his award-winning cooking techniques in an approachable way. He hopes to open a private kitchen at least once a month, with lessons taught in the Constant style.

Jacques Torres Chocolate

The award-winning brand has been around for nearly 20 years. It offers small batch chocolates made with quality ingredients. The company is owned by Chef Jacques Torres, who learned his craft in Bandol, France. At the age of 26, he earned a M.O.F. for his work and was named Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur, the highest honor for French pastry chefs. His chocolates range from bonbons to chocolate covered candies and hot chocolate.

Final Words:

Jacques Torres was inspired by his love of chocolate, even when he was a child. He felt that someone should set a standard for not only artisanal chocolate, but for all chocolate. In fact, he was the first chocolatier in New York to start making chocolate directly from the cocoa bean, and he has become a major force in the bean-to-bar movement.

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