Configuring Additional IP Addresses

The going with associate will give you a diagram on the most effective way to orchestrate extra IPv4 keeps an eye on the most notable working structures. We arranged this article to be valuable for our Contabo clients, yet furthermore for people using another provider. As well as sorting out some way to plan IPv4 addresses, you could need to imply our associated article on the most capable technique to orchestrate IPv6 addresses: https://contabo.com/blog/adding-ipv6-organization to-your-server

Getting everything going

For example, we will use as the fundamental IP address and we will acknowledge that the additional IP address is If all else fails, we propose planning these addresses with a netmask of independently/128 and without adding another doorway.

If you have barely any familiarity with your overseer opportunities in Linux, reliably enter the request sudo – I around the beginning of every single gathering:

This request will provide you with the honors of a power client, so you don’t have to create the request sudo close to the beginning of every single request line.

Default IP Configuration for Contabo Customers

Every server comes right now coordinated with one IPv4 and one IPv6 address. Extra IPv4 areas can be mentioned while presenting a solicitation for one more server through our greeting page or by contacting us at support@contabo.com. Huge: Additional IPv4 will in general will not be added to your structure thus yet ought to be planned genuinely.

Extra IPv4 address is constantly joined to a specific server obviously. If you really want to use your IP on an other server, it is essential to change the IP task inside the Contabo Customer Control Panel in the part “IP Management”

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