Top Upskilling Courses in India in 2022

With the great technical advancements, the need for upskilling for individuals is increasing. It describes the process of learning a new skill and standing out in the crowd. So with so many new trends coming up with a vast array of opportunities, skilled individuals always find their way smooth. Every professional nowadays is well aware of the fact that they need to upskill constantly to stay updated with the ongoing trends and secure their future. Now, the question is what are some of the most popular upskilling courses prevalent in India in 2022? 

This article throws light on some of the most in-demand certifications or related courses, pursuing which helps them gather a solid technical understanding of the topics. 

Top Upskilling Courses in India in 2022 


In the list that follows, we have tried highlighting some major upskilling courses that help professionals not only upgrade their skills but mark a significant mark in their professional segment too. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2022 75% million jobs will be displaced by Artificial Intelligence while adding 133 million jobs in the exact period. Besides job availability, the lack of qualified AI professionals is a major problem in India. Companies in the related segment seek qualified professionals who could help take their firm to another level. 

AI and Machine Learning are currently among the top upskilling courses in India with many great creators selling courses on top platforms. Many PGP and certification courses are being offered and candidates interested in the same can go for it to pursue their interest and enhance their skill set. 

Digital Marketing:

With an extensive array of strings attached to promoting various services and products, the demand for digital marketing is sky-high. Companies are always looking for top digital marketing professionals who could hatch the perfect marketing strategy to help the company attain greater heights. Even newbies who could be wondering how to sell courses online might receive prominent suggestions from marketing professionals to help get their course the desired engagement. 

Various websites and platforms are providing a handful of certification and specialization courses in Digital Marketing that render extensive knowledge on SEO, PPC, Google ads, and so on. 

Data Science:

One of the most in-demand skills in 2022 is Data Science. Top brands always look for professionals in this field who could deliver superior quality work in handling even the minute data-centric concepts. Candidates excelling in this domain have always a greater chance to stand ahead in the crowd. With so many top sites providing certificate courses in Data Science, aspirants can always choose one of their choices and get ahead in their professional segments.  


Finance is a world of treasure and anyone skilled in this section will find their way into the top firms in the relevant position. Individuals who have a deeper understanding of the economic concepts including valuation and financial ratios are likely to open up vast doors of opportunities in front of them. 

There are many institutions offering certification and specialization programs in Finance with a curated curriculum and hands-on training included. 

Cloud Computing:

One of the most in-demand skills right now in the country is Cloud Computing. The skills are in high demand now with a limited supply of qualified professionals in the field. Hence, an individual efficient in this segment opens the opportunity for extensive career growth that helps them reach considerable heights. With numerous platforms offering specialization courses in cloud computing and AWS certifications, candidates willing to gain knowledge in the relevant field can always enroll in one. 

Other prominent upskilling courses that are high in demand now and have seen massive enrollments from candidates around include management, healthcare management, Website development, MS Excel, budgeting, copywriting, and so on. 

Wrapping Up 

In this era of digitalization with tremendous competition prevailing around, individuals need to prioritize upskilling to get going in the vast crowd. With top sites offering curated courses under expert supervision that includes hands-on sessions and live projects, candidates derive the most refined industry knowledge. It’s always recommended to sign up for courses that offer detailed feedback sessions as getting reviews on the work is among the crucial stepping stones to getting ahead. 

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