How to Become a Teacher After Higher Secondary


Do you want to be a teacher? Do you know what kind of training you need to become a teacher? Then this article is perfect for you. In this article, we will tell you how to become a teacher after higher secondary.

Get a bachelor’s degree

The first step is to get a bachelor’s degree. You can do this at any age, and many people choose to do so part time while working or raising children. If you’re considering going back to school later in life, keep in mind that it’s never too late (or too early!).

Most teacher training courses have a prerequisite of an undergraduate degree. We know, you may be very excited about starting your career as a teacher as soon as possible. But to have an undergraduate degree before you embark on that journey is a sound first step. Most teachers need a degree in the arts or sciences, although there are some exceptions. If your passion is teaching children with special needs, then opt for a degree in education or child psychology.

Go for teacher training courses

If you want to become a teacher, it’s important that you attend teacher training courses. These courses will help you learn about the different subjects that you will teach. They’ll also teach you about teaching techniques, pedagogy, child psychology, lesson planning, classroom management, and so on.

In India, it is mandatory to have a teacher training course to get a job as a teacher. Here are a few popular teacher training courses in India:

Well-known teacher training programs in India

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program.

A bachelor’s degree in education is a four-year program. Upon completion, you will receive a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and be eligible to teach at the secondary level. The program is available at most universities in India and is recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). The curriculum includes courses in pedagogy, child psychology, classroom management, and other topics related to teaching. You can also earn a master’s degree in education (M.Ed.) or doctoral degree (PhD) if you wish to pursue a career as an administrator or researcher.

Bachelor of elementary education

Bachelor of elementary education (B.El.Ed.) is another popular teacher training degree. It is a four-year full-time undergraduate course that offers students a wide range of subject options, including pedagogy, classroom management skills, curriculum planning, evaluation methods, etc., as well as social studies including Indian culture/history, etc., mathematics and science subjects like physics & chemistry, etc.

The bachelor’s degree in elementary education gives you endless possibilities to explore your skills in teaching. It prepares you to teach students in the age group 6-12 years.

Diploma in elementary education

Diploma in elementary education is a three year course that is offered by most of the universities and colleges in India. It is a full time course that prepares students for a career as an elementary school teacher. Students are taught to teach primary classes from kindergarten to grade 6, which includes language arts, social studies, and science subjects.

Certificate in primary teaching

This two-years course is ideal for those who want to become a primary school teacher but are not looking to dedicate a long duration towards an undergraduate teaching degree. This certification is available as a regular and a distance course as well. The course covers the basics of primary education and prepares students for a career as a teacher in elementary schools. It also gives an opportunity to those who already have experience in teaching.

Montessori teacher training

Montessori teacher training is a one-year full-time residential program that leads to certification and eligibility for employment as a Montessori teacher. A student will be expected to spend the majority of their time in class learning the theory behind Montessori philosophy and its practical application, including child observation skills, classroom management techniques, and teaching strategies for children ages 0–6 years old.


An industry-recognised teaching qualification that has been awarded by The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai, UAE, PgCTL is an industry-oriented teacher qualification that focuses on the practical aspects of teaching. It is an online course that is in sync with the modern classroom expectations of the 21st century.

PgCTL learners learn about a variety of subjects including technology, innovative pedagogy, child psychology, and so on.


If you are someone who has just completed your higher secondary studies and are studying the available options to become a teacher, then well, good job on the clarity and enthusiasm. It is always wise to plan your career from the first step. We hope this article helps you pick the right course. However, if you still want some personalised guidance, then do not hesitate. Visit Suraasa, the world’s leading teacher training platform, and book a session with a Suraasa mentor today!

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