Chandigarh University CUIMS Login and Admission in 2022-23

Education is a must-have thing in every person’s life. If you want to achieve something in your life then it is impossible without education. In India there are a lot of universities for students. Some universities have high standards and some are normal. If we specifically talk about Chandigarh then it’s a big city of India and many people come from different cities to take admission in this university. Today we will talk about CUIMS. People who were looking for details about this university will definitely get their answers in this article.


The full form is Chandigarh University Information management system. This university is non profit and has great motives. They aim to make children of their university a useful person in society.

How to register your account?

When you take admission in Chandigarh university they give every student an email address with password. It is different for every person as each student has different registration number. This university has created an information management system which is a digital platform and can sort students on multiple issues. When you get your email and password you can go to the official portal of your university to enter the details.

CUIMS login:

Chandigarh university gives its students an opportunity to study online. If you are a student and unable to attend your classes then you don’t need  to worry. You can create an account which will help you to study online. You can login to your account by following given steps.

  • First of all, go to the official portal of Chandigarh university.
  • You have to enter the id and its password that was provided to you at the time of admission.
  • It will take you to another page and then you will be able to use several services provided by your university.

How to download CUIMS app?

It was generally designed for those students who dont want to visit the university. They just want to use services provided by the university. You can easily use this application on your smart phone and laptops. Follow the steps to download this app.

  • You need to have an android phone as it is available on google store/
  • On search bar type CUIMS. There will be multiple apps infront of you.
  • You have to choose the app that BCTUBE offer. Click on the install button and it will take few minutes to install.

Issues in downloading

If you are having trouble in downloading process then you don’t need to worry we are here to fix that problem for you. See the given steps.

  • Visit the official Chandigarh portal and open the sign in page.
  • Here you will find a URL link you have to click it and by adding your username and password you can download the app. If you don’t have username or password then the link will take you to another page that will contain instructions to fix your problem.


Chandigarh is famous as being a beautiful city of India. If you take admission in CUIMS you can get multiple benefits.

  • In this university the way of teaching is inspiring and matches the standard of foreign teachers. They offer degrees in nearly all domains.
  • It is confirmed that it is among famous universities and produces 100% results.
  • CU has links with 300 top ranked schools and this provides the students with a global perspective that can lead them to win educational opportunities from all over the world.
  • It gives admission to students coming from every area of India.


Education is very important to survive in our society. Education can make us successful in every field of life. CUIMS is a university that offers high quality education to people of India and every year hundreds of students make their future shining by studying in this university. I hope you like details about this university.

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