The Best NFT Games for Unstoppable Fun

New gaming trends emerge almost every day with the latest one being Non-Fungible Token games. NFTs are new and unique digital assets, which cannot be duplicated or substituted for other items. They can be compared to physical collectibles such as baseball cards or arcade tokens that cannot be replaced by other objects. These video game counterparts are also known as unique tokens or crypto-collectibles. The main advantage of using NFTs in online video games is that they can store information about a player’s character, profile, or even virtual house depending on the game and its characters. NFTs are perfect for developers who want to create blockchain-based games without spending much on development costs. Furthermore, unlike traditional token-based games that don’t have any real value outside their game worlds, these non-fungible tokens hold value outside their virtual environments and can even be sold for cash if players are willing to sell them.

What is an NFT Game?

NFT games use non-fungible tokens as collectibles that players can trade, buy, or sell to each other. The tokens can represent anything such as a virtual sword, shield, or house in an RPG game. NFTs are similar to traditional collectible tokens except they have unique properties, which can’t be substituted by any other token. They are the perfect token to use in a blockchain-based game since they can store information about a player’s character and profile. Most games that use NFTs are built on the Ethereum or EOS blockchain for maximum security and transparency. Moreover, these games are easy to develop and are cheaper than developing a game from scratch. Therefore, NFTs are the best option for developers who want to create blockchain games without spending excessive amounts of money.

The Best NFT Games So Far

Crypto Animals – Collect and Run The first ever NFT game was Crypto Animals that allows players to collect, breed, and trade digital pets. The game is similar to the ones children play with real cards or toys. They can buy, sell, and trade their Crypto Animals for ETH or other cryptocurrencies. There are over 50 species of Crypto Animals available in the game, and players can collect them, breed them, and trade them with other players using the game’s marketplace. Crypto Kitties – A Game of Chance and Luck There’s another game called Crypto Kitties that has become incredibly popular since its launch in 2018. It’s a game of chance and luck, and one of the most popular ETH-based games ever. 


Players can buy, sell, and even breed kittens by spending ETH or other cryptocurrencies such as EOS or TRON. The more kittens a player has, the higher the chance of getting one of the rarest and most valuable kitties in the game. Blockchain Heroes – Strategy and Fighting Game The third game is Blockchain Heroes, a fighting and strategy game for ETH-based players. There are over 150 heroes available in the game that players can buy, sell, and trade with other players. To play the game, you need to buy a starter pack for about $25 worth of ETH. Once you have a starter pack, you can unlock and play with different heroes from the game. The more heroes you unlock, the higher the chance of collecting rare and valuable items from the game.


NFT games have become quite popular with the latest being Crypto Kitties that lets players buy, sell, and collect rare virtual kittens. Other top NFT games include Crypto Animals, Blockchain Heroes, and Silly Seaside. These games are incredibly easy to develop since developers don’t have to build them from scratch. Moreover, they are cheaper than developing a game from scratch and are perfect for developers who want to create blockchain games without spending tons of money on development costs.

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