How to Clean a Teddy Bear


A happy teddy bear means happy time. Children do not sleep without their beloved teddy bear by their side as they get attached to it. Even adults have many childhood memories with their collection of teddy bears. To keep your teddy bear forever means taking proper care of it. If your children have a habit of keeping them with them all the time, you must ensure that it’s clean and dirt-free. You can do many things at home to clean and properly store your stuffed toys. 

All of them can be washed at home, whether a small teddy bear or a 36 inch teddy bear. Teddy bear cleaning is something that most people have not given much thought to before. But, if you want your bears to live a long life and remain in good condition, you must take care of and clean them properly. 

Below are some different ways how to clean and care for your teddy bear 

1) Hand wash

Stop washing your teddy bear with your hands; use the washing machine. Get a fingernail brush and a soap bar. Wet the brush and soaks it in cold water if you don’t have one. Now, wet your teddy bear in water and gather soap on the brush by scrubbing it. Clean the areas of stains and spots on the teddy bear, if any; after that, rinse it properly. 

2) Machine wash

Here’s the answer for those confused about washing the teddy bear in the washing machine, mainly using the gentle care option. Before machine washing, ensure that the stitches and seams are properly sealed and that no scratches and stuffing are coming out. After that, remove the remaining clothes from your washing machine and put your teddy bear inside. Wrap your teddy with a pillow cover before putting inside, as the fur and fabric lining are delicate materials. Check the label attached to the back of the teddy; if it says ‘suitable for machine wash,’ then do it using a mild washing detergent; otherwise, you may skip this step. Lastly, avoid tumble-drying your teddy bear. You can wash multiple teddy bears simultaneously by wrapping them together in a bed sheet or a laundry bag. 

3) Baking Soda and Vinegar

You may go for vinegar and baking soda if you don’t have a washing detergent. Soak your teddy bear in a bucket filled with water; add vinegar and baking soda wash with your hands. If you are using a washing machine, use two-three cups of vinegar and add a sprinkle of baking soda. Please put it on the rinse cycle to finish the process. Plush toys like a polar bear plush have a high-quality plush fabric, so avoid using complex chemicals. 

4) Remove odor

It may stink forever if you do not wash the teddy bear properly and remove the smell. To remove the foul odor, get a large plastic bag and put some baking powder, baking soda, or cornstarch powder. Wrap your teddy and shake it properly. After some time, when the powder is absorbed, unwrap the plastic bag and remove the teddy. Keep it untouched from your kids for the next few hours. Later, get a soft brush and dust off the particles. Remember to do this process only after washing your teddy bear. 

5) Drying your teddy bear

Drying a teddy bear won’t take much of your time, but things may go wrong if you don’t do it properly. Squeeze excess water from the limbs and head of your teddy but do not twist as you do with your towel. Pat-dry the teddy and use a variable-speed hair dryer to dry the fur. Please do not set it on too hot; once it’s done, use a soft brush to comb the fur, and you’re done. Avoid drying plush fabric toys like polar bear plush on too high a speed. 


It does not take a lot of effort to clean and care for your teddy bear. It would help if you read the label before washing it and put it for a spin. Teddy bears are kids’ favorite playing buddies, whether small teddy bears or giant 36-inch teddy bears. Your child’s smile is best when they see their favorite toy coming out clean and even softer. You can keep your teddy bear forever with you by taking care of little things.

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