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Julian Henry De Niro Wiki, Age, Net worth, and More

Julian Henry De Niro: You must know about a very famous actor in Hollywood Robert De Niro he is a very successful star and has a very strong family background. In this article, we are going to know about Robert De Niro’s child Julian.

He has kept most aspects of his life a secret which increases his attention among people. But you will get the most authentic details about him in this article. So without wasting much time let’s dive into the details:

Julian Henry De Niro Wiki:

Julian Henry De Niro is much famous because of his superstar dad Robert as he is a top American actor. Julian was born on 20th October 1995 in NYC, America. He is the boy to be born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

He belongs to a very well-known family that makes him famous and a point of attention for fans. If we talk more about his family then his mother is also a very well-known actress Toukie Smith. His parents have a high-profile name in the industry. Moreover, his grandparents were also very famous painters.

Julian Henry De Niro Physical Appearance:

Same as his parents Julian is also very attractive and has pretty features.  He has inherited brown hair and eye color from his parents. Julian has a very ideal height of 5 feet and 9 inches. He is very fit and healthy and weighs about 65 kg.


Julian doesn’t find it cool to share his personal information with the public. But according to sources he was good in studies and he was graduated from the University of America. It is also said that he obtained good grades. More information related to his schooling is not given.

Julian Henry De Niro Career:

Julian Henry De Niro started to work as a child star. As he was a child of celebrity he was drawn into modeling and acting. He made his first debut in the movie “In Dubious Battle”. He was not much interested in this industry nor his acting skills were like his parents so he quit this career.

Instead of that, he had a very sharp mind which he prefer to use in business. From a very small age, he started doing business no one knows what business he runs but according to sources, he is a very successful entrepreneur who is living his life to the fullest. He has a very lavish lifestyle.

Julian Henry De Niro Net Worth:

As you guys know that from a very young age he started his career as an entrepreneur and since then he is making money. He belongs to a very rich family already but along with that, his own business has made him more rich and famous.

When he goes to lose obviously his family supports him financially. According to some sources back in 2020, it was said that Julian’s net worth was nearly 3 million dollars. On the other hand, Robert De Niro’s net worth is so huge that is 500 million dollars yes you heard right.

Julian’s siblings:

Julian Henry De Niro has a twin brother and they were born through a surrogate. His youngest brother Helen was also born in the same way.

Rumors about him:

He always tries to stay away from the eye of the media. His life is very personal he barely came active on social apps. As he stays out of the news till now there is not a single controversy about him. In fact, Robert was involved in some prostitute scandal which he totally denied in Paris.

Julian’s love life:

Julian is much indulged in his business and he devotes his all-time to building his career. As per sources, it is confirmed that he is single and making his name in the business world.

Interesting Facts about Julian:

  • Julian loves traveling and her favorite place to visit is Italy and he loves Italian food.
  • He is fond of football. He loves to watch and play it.
  • Julian Henry De Niro was born to a surrogate.

Closing Remarks:

Star kids always caught the attention of the public so does Julian Henry. In this article, we talked about the very famous actor Robert De Niro’s children. We covered Julian Henry De Niro Wiki, Age, Net worth, and more. Hope you would like the details.

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