CHO Full Form: What is the Full form of CHO

People use short forms for long words and many words make the same short forms. This confuses a lot of people and they don’t get what the particular sort form is abbreviated for. CHO is also a short form of many terms. But in medical CHO Full Form is different. Today we are going to discuss its full form from a medical perspective and rest of the details will be related to it. So let’s start with the details.

What is CHO full form?

In medical CHO full form is Community Health Officer. You must be wondering what post is this. So let me tell you that this post is under the National Health Mission which means  that it has a very important place.

Importance of CHO:

The full form of CHO is for a Community Health Officer that plays a crucial role in rural health.Primary Health Care setup of every region needs to be strong and it can be done by the help of CHO. If we talk about India then they recruit CHO in different regions so that their Primary Health Care setup gets strengthened.

What does a CHO do?

CHO full form is Community Health Officer and they have a very important task to do. They are appointed in different areas and in their area they usually treat the minor problems and sickness of people and those who require more specific treatment and they have gotten some serious problem then they refer them to bigger hospitals. This is done so those people can get better treatment as soon as possible.

What is the eligibility of CHO?

If someone wants to become a CHO then he should have the following degrees.

  • The persons who are interested in serving their country by helping others can become CHO if they will have a general nursing midwifery degree.
  • The person should also obtain a Bsc in nursing and the most important thing is that these degrees should be obtained from well recognized institutes.
  • That person should also have registered himself in the concerned councils for nursing.
  • The person should have a certificate of valid registration.

How CHO get selected?

It is the most frequently asked question that how they select a CHO. CHO full form is Community Health Officer and they get selected after passing three different tests. First of all, they have to pass the written test that would be totally related to medical and nursing. Then their communication skills get checked and lastly they have to pass the interview. All these three steps are very difficult and only those people can get selected who are intelligent.

What is the syllabus for becoming a Community Health Officer?

Basically, the test that is designed for CHO selection is quite difficult and unique as iit checks all of your abilities. The questions in the test would be related to the following:

  • General aptitude and general studies.
  • Medical surgical nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology Nursing 
  • Child Health Nursing
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Nutrition 
  • Bio-Chem

Salaries of CHO:

They give a very attractive salary to CHOs standing between 20,000 to 30,000. This varies from region to region and other allowances are also applicable.

Can CHO give treatment in the doctor’s absence?

CHO full form is for health officers and doctors who have trained in such a  way that they can treat patients coming with minor ailments even without their orders. But if a serious patient arrives they wait for the doctor’s order.

What kind of post is this?

This is based on a tenure of at least 1 year and these appointments get changed annually. That means this is not a regular post.


This article was related to a very attractive job and above I have mentioned all the details about CHO full form and information for becoming a Community Health Officer. Hope you like this article.

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