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Roma Army (Chloe Roma) – Bio, Age Real Name, Spouse, More

You might have heard about a lot of human activists that usually raise their voices for female rights. In this world, most people think that women are the victims in most cases and they should get their rights. There are only a few activists who talk about male rights. Roma Army is one of them. We will see today what her viewpoints are about males and their rights. We will also notice how she deals with all negativity and raise her voice for men. It is important to note how she portrays men in her words.  This is a very unique topic and it’s gonna be very interesting so let’s start with the details.

Who is Roma Army?

Roma Army is a gender role activist and a TikTok. Roma was born on June 1st, 1997 and she is just 34 years old. Roma was born in Romania but after two years of her birth, she migrated to Canada along with her family. Many people are interested to know her real name and her name is Chloe Roma.

Roma Army (Chloe Roma) Career

If we talk about her profession then she is into something really impressive. She is the person who talks about gender equality rights. Her main purpose is to raise the voice of males. According to Roma men are criminalized for everything that they even don’t do. People accuse them even when they are not. Roma said that males also get victimized too and they should get justice too. She tries to highlight the issue where men are not treated well.

Personal life:

People are really wondering about her marital status. So let me tell you that she has a boyfriend with whom she shares a very romantic relationship. But Roma never shared anything about him. Sometimes she talks about him on her social media account. On father’s day, she posted a picture of her daughter with the caption: Happy Father’s Day from the house.

She posted a youtube video with the title: my boyfriend is facing false allegations in the video Hossy and her Dad was talking to each other and he politely said that he is very happy that he has a good relationship with her daughter while her daughter said that I don’t like you. He was accused of being a pedophile due to that video.


Roma Army has a four years old daughter and if we talk about her parents or siblings then she never mentioned anything about them. Back in august 2021, she shared the news that she is expecting again. Tiktok fans were excited about whether Roma will have a baby boy or baby girl.  Even she mentioned that she is excited and nervous at the same time. But till now she has not talked about the birth of her 2nd child.

Roma’s physical appearance:

Roma is a very attractive girl and she has a pretty impressive height that catches the attention of a lot of people. She stands 6 feet tall. Moreover, her weight is 77 kg. One interesting thing about her is that she has a lot of tattoos all over her body and she loves them. Many people criticize her but she doesn’t give a damn about them.

Roma’s social media accounts:

Roma Army is socially very active and we saw her tweeting a lot about men’s rights. It’s not like she only talks about men’s rights; she wants equal rights for every person. She also makes tiktok and also shares informative things through that platform. Recently she has made her youtube channel that contains content related to gender equality. Mostly she talks about men’s rights.


Roma Army is a social influencer who is much into raising her voice for male’s rights in her perspective people blame them intentionally and for things they aren’t responsible for. She is doing great work and our society needs such activists to reveal the reality of accused females. I hope you like all the details shared above.

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