How Educators Can Start A Mobile-Based Course

With the growth in educational technology, online teaching platforms are growing at a faster rate. To win the competitive race, online course services need to be effective and suitable for all learning types. The course should be easy to access, and offer learners better convenience and flexibility too. To do so, going for mobile learning courses is highly advisable. Laptops and computers cannot be carried everywhere, but a smartphone is such a handy technical device that we carry it all the time wherever we go. 

Also, working on computers can be complex for some students, whereas mobile functioning is quite easy and convenient for all. So to become a successful online educator, and grow in the e-learning field, making a mobile-based online course is quite an effective idea. Let us discuss the benefits of mobile learning. We will also be discussing a few steps that one can follow to launch a mobile-based online course. 

Benefits of mobile learning 

  • Convenient 

Mobile-based online courses are quite convenient for both teachers and learners. There is no need to be available at a fixed place and time. A smartphone or a tablet is something that we carry along anywhere we go. While traveling, or being at any place, students can access the study material, and video lectures to be actively involved with their studies. Similarly, teachers can work on the educational app, and review the assignments anytime and from anywhere. Time management and better knowledge retention are other few benefits.

  • Enhanced course sales 

When the courses are complex and detailed and the study material is not bite-sized, many learners avoid taking such courses. However, a mobile-based online course can help learners to generate more profits and success rates. Mobile functioning is easy and understandable to all learners nowadays. They can access the study material twenty-four seven by being at any place. Also, the content, ebooks, and videos all are concise, short, and crisp. This enhances the course sales to a great extent. 

  • Cost-effective

In today’s digital world, smartphones are quite a basic necessity and are possessed by most people all across the globe. Mobile-based online courses are quite cost-effective for students. They don’t have to invest in a laptop or a computer if they don’t have one. The study material is easy to download and access. Most smartphones have good quality cameras and audio facilities. Whereas when taking online classes via computers, learners have to invest in a webcam, headset, and more. All this sums up that mobile learning is cost-effective. 

How to start a mobile-based course: steps to follow 

A mobile-based online course is a course that can be accessed by learners from their respective phones and tablets. With just a good internet connection and a smartphone, mobile-based online courses offer an effective learning experience to the students. Let us discuss how educators can launch their mobile online courses. 

  1. Find your niche

To launch a successful mobile-based online course, finding the right niche holds utmost importance. Find out the topic that you are passionate about teaching. It should be engaging and interesting for you so that you can impart quality education to the learners. Secondly, the niche should have an effective market demand too. Along with researching for the platform to sell courses online, think and explore well to find the right course niche and topic. 

  1. Validate your idea

After finding the course niche, checking its effectiveness is equally important. Conduct surveys and polls to know how effective the course topic is for the audience. This will help you to take the necessary steps for improvement and betterment. You can interact with your fellow creator friends too.  Now think about the right platform that you will be using for developing a mobile application as well as the course website. With the growing technology, there are several platforms to create and sell online courses, so research well and find the right fit for yourself. 

  1. Content creation

After finding the niche, and validating the idea, the next step is to create the course content. More effective the course content, the better the success rate. Remember, you are making a mobile-based online course, so the content should be created accordingly. As per your course subjects, think about what all forms of study content you need to make. Video lectures and video presentations are a must.

 Keep your video lectures, specific, and to the point by sharing relevant information only. This way students will be able to access and download the videos and other files easily on their phones. Ebooks, picture cards, visual notes, modules, etc can also be created. Once done with the content creation, you can follow the right marketing and promotional strategies to ensure high sales of your mobile-based online course. 


Better knowledge retention, time management, convenience, enhanced sales, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness are some of the benefits of mobile-based online courses. By following the above-mentioned steps which are finding the right niche, validating the idea, content creation, and launching, one can start an effective mobile-based online course for the target audience. 

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