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Annabella Stoermer Coleman Bio, Age, Career, Spouse, More

Annabella Stoermer Coleman: You must be well known about Zendaya, if not then let me tell you that she is a very pretty and stunning actress who gained popularity in no time. She is a singer as well. You might have heard her songs with some famous singers.

Well, people are very confused about Zendaya and Annabella because they look alike. So basically Annabella is Zendaya’s sister. In this article, I will clear all your confusion and doubts about her. So without wasting much time let’s see all details about Annabella Stoermer Coleman.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman:

Annabella Stoermer Coleman

As you know when some celebrities become a crush of fans they just got mad to get knowledge about everything related to them. The same is the case with Zendaya. Because of people’s curiosity, her sister Annabella has become a point of attention for them.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is Zendaya’s younger sister. She doesn’t share much information about herself. She got famous because of her older sister. Anabella started her career back in 2011 by playing a role in the TV series Shake It Up as Rocky Blue.

Then after that, she has been seen in many big tv series such as Zapped, Charlie, and many more. Her recent role was in the tv series that got famous all over the world and its name is “Euphoria”. She played the character of Rue Bennet in it.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman Age:

As mentioned earlier she doesn’t like sharing her personal stuff with the public. No one is clear about how old she is and when she was born. The information that is authentic is that she was born in 1999 in Oakland, California USA. She is now 22 years old. She did her schooling in her hometown Oakland. There is no more information regarding her childhood or further studies.

Anabella’s physical appearance:

Anabella is a very cute and pretty girl. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She has a very ideal and perfect height. If we talk about her weight then it is 55 kgs. She maintains a very hot figure. She looks so fit because she does gym and exercises.

Annabella’s Nationality:

Many people are concerned about her nationality. She is an American. Annabella Stoermer Coleman holds African-American nationality.

Zendaya’s siblings:

If we talk about Zendaya’s siblings then she has 5 siblings. She has sisters named Kaylee Stoermer Coleman and Latonja Coleman. Her brothers’ names are Julien and Austin.

Annabella’s parents:

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is the daughter of Kazembe Ajamu. Some people say that Claire Stoermer is her biological mom but this is not confirmed by her. Her father was a teacher and now he is CEO of a restaurant.

Personal life:

If we talk about Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s personal life and relationships then she has not revealed anything about it. But, back in 2019 in an interview for Vogue Zendaya talked about the personal life of her half-sister. She said that her sister is married and has two daughters.

Fans were shocked to know this. She even revealed her husband’s name. Anabella is married to Thompson and living in Oakland with him. Like Anabella, her husband also doesn’t like to get famous on social media.

Anabella’s Net worth:

As you guys know she doesn’t like to share her personal info with people. So there is no news about her income and net worth but some sources have confirmed that her net worth is approximately 500k dollars. And if we talk about Zendaya’s net worth then according to a rough estimate it is 15 million dollars.

Interesting Facts about Annabella:

Ø Her favorite sports are snowboarding and baton twirling. She loves doing these two things a lot.

Ø Her favorite city is Washington D.C, United States.

Ø Her hobbies include jigsaw puzzles and crochet.

Ø Annabella Stoermer Coleman does her breakfast sharp at 8 am.

Ø Her lunch and dinner timing is 2 PM and 10 PM respectively.

Closing remarks:

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is a sister of a very versatile actress and singer Zendaya. She got famous because of her sister. But later on, she built her name with her acting skills and now she has worked in many famous movies and looking forward to working in more movies. Hope you would like this article.

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