5 Best hotels in the Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is a Caribbean island on the northeastern coastline of Mexico. It is known for its laid-back and relaxing vibes. Visitors love the nightlife here. The play is also known for its top-notch all-inclusive resorts and historical locations. Here are the five best hotels in Riviera Maya to enjoy a good stay here:

  1. Excellent Riviera Cancun

Made for adults, the hotel is a lavish all-inclusive resort situated on the Riviera Maya. It is around 20-minutes away from Cancun airport. The beautiful resort is covered in jungle foliage facing the Caribbean beach. The floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light, and airy lobby make it a great stay.

Rooms are spacious and big with neutral shades, marble flooring, and wooden décor. Every room has a private balcony or patio. Rooftop terrace suites also have beautiful Caribbean views, a pool, and a terrace.

Major amenities include a beach lounge chair, hot tubs, spa, and outdoor pools with treatment rooms and massages.

  1. Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Grand Velas Riviera Maya is a great accommodation place for families who need an immersive cultural experience teamed with home comforts. Sited on the Yucatan Peninsula, the hotel offers scenic views of the transparent Caribbean Sea and white sand beach.

The accommodation options are budget friendly and highly recommended for families who want to relax and rejuvenate. The food served here has won several awards. The hotel also offers surfing classes and seaside yoga lessons.

  1. Hotel Xcaret Mexico

It is one of the most amazing all-inclusive resorts positioned on the Riviera Maya. It offers a lot more than other all-inclusive resorts. It gives you the facilities and experiences deeply rooted in staying genuine to Mexican ethos.

The hotel has 900 rooms spread in different segments such as family, adult-only, wellness, and family luxury. It offers exotic pools, amazing architecture built, restaurants, and a kid’s club to enjoy. You also get access to Group Xcaret parks.

  1. Blue Diamond Riviera Maya Luxury Boutique Hotel

For adults only, the hotel is an amazingly elegant and tranquil resort on the Riviera Maya. The remarkable location makes the location a great place to stay. It is spread across 36 acres with white sandy beaches, waterways, green pathways, and much more.

Suites are appealing and designed, keeping nature at the center with wood and limestone décor. The rooms are great, with access to a private beach, rooftop terrace, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

  1. TRS Yucatan Hotel

An amazing resort including the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya complex, the hotel is an adults-only hotel. It attracts couples because of its amazing activities such as a hydrotherapy spa and day and evening activities. Guests enjoy a multi-course meal and a wild cabaret show. It also offers a saltwater pool and a freshwater pool.

How can you reach Riviera Maya in Mexico?

To reach Riviera Maya, you should go to the Cancun International airport. Once you have landed at the airport, you can pick a means of transportation to reach Riviera Maya. There are buses, taxis, and other means of transportation available. However, the most comfortable and convenient option is Cancun airport private transportation. You can choose Caribe Shuttle to book your private transfer and enjoy a relaxing trip to Riviera Maya.

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