Top Places to Visit During Las Vegas Weekends

Las Vegas is a cheerful place of joy and freedom. That is a popular destination (than you, pop culture!) for travelers. When a working week is over, it is an option to spend the weekend there in the city of casinos and neon lights. With us, you will find some ideas of what to do and see there, so your getaway will be full of new and fascinating impressions. First of all, rent a car, you will require some available wheels at your service. Let’s start!

Las Vegas Strip

First, come to Alamo rentals in Las Vegas, and then hit the road of the central artery of Sin City, the Las Vegas Strip. That is the key line to the true heart of that place with the best sights, gambling, food, and fun. See a copy of the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Egyptian Pyramid, and the Sphinx. There are a medieval castle and other grandiose buildings. Pass by five-star resorts with erupting volcanoes, dancing fountains, and wedding chapels. In the daytime, walk on the streets of brand boutiques. They are impressive so you can spend a few days taking photos and listening to live performances. Also, you can play and get a million dollars. Why not? 

Experience local nights

Las Vegas is a match with nightlife. See everything from the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign to Hoover Dam with a rental car. There are open-top bus tours. They may take you across all the popular destinations if you want to get a drink. Moreover, there are guided one-day tours to Grand Canion or any other location such as Death Valley. Do not forget to preorder all that ahead of your trip. For example, there is a car rental app to handle all the questions with vehicle suppliers.

Bus Tour to Grand Canyon

To retrieve a bit, you may search for different types of rest. Visit a car rental in Las Vegas, take wheels, and drive to observe the stark beauty of the Grand Canyon. There is no difference in which of the three gates you go. You will find fascinating things anywhere. There are camping locations, options for kayaking on the Colorado River with a guide, and viewing platforms. If you come early with wheels, you will avoid crowded popular transfers. Usually, a modern bus tour suggests picking people up from hotels and taking them straight to the point. 

Trip to the Hoover Dam 

Another popular destination is the world’s biggest dam named after 31 USA president, Hoover. It is worth visiting even once in a lifetime. That is one of the architectural miracles. You may hear stories and scientific explanations of how the supplement operates. As well, you will see the desert and powerful bricks with the artificial lake with the water. 

High Roller 

That attraction offers the best views! The High Roller at The LINQ is the tallest observation wheel. It has a perfect location for tourists. You can find everything there to go shopping or have some rest.  You can come at Happy Hour. Better check ahead tickets and opening time. You will find all the drinks and snacks in the bar onto a pod with friends there. Enjoy the spectacular appearances of Las Vegas. You will listen to audio stories that tell you about the history of the sights that appear as you spin. Besides, it takes 30 minutes to make one spin on the High Roller. Then, with Alamo rent a car you may go where you want to celebrate a good time.

Madame Tussauds with Gondola Boat Ride

Madame Tussaud’s museums are popular around the world! The local location of the museum is more than 2,700 square meters hosting a huge collection of wax figures. Take photos with seeming alive celebrities! Furthermore, the managers offer tourists one more attraction. The tour includes a journey down the Grand Canal on a gondola. That is a fantastic and romantic idea for a weekend. 

You will find a reliable car in Las Vegas for a reasonable price. Do not forget to preorder the best option ahead of your trip, it’s pretty easy and affordable with all the modern online services. Your road trip will be a pleasure with it. Have a good time!


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