The Top 4 Eyelash Packaging Ideas for Eyelash

For an eyelash retailer, a beautiful package will be a big advantage in attracting customers. Therefore, to make your store’s products more outstanding, don’t forget to invest in creative eyelash packaging ideas. This article will introduce you to the most popular packaging models today.

 Why do you need eyelashes packaging ideas?

In modern society, a growing number of people choose to purchase eyelashes with great-looking eyelash packaging. It not only helps protect eyelashes but also has many beneficial uses.

Influences of the eyelashes packaging ideas on your customers’ impressions

It is a coincidence that customers like brands with impressive eyelash packaging ideas and they are tend to purchase more from those brands. In fact, 80% of customers are virtually not looking at the brand, but the design of the product packaging at the first sight.

Therefore, eye-catching packaging designs always attract the attention and interest of clients. To have a beautiful packaging sample is a long process. The designer not only have experience, but also need to have a creative mind to bring a beautiful packaging model, enough to convince buyers.

The eyelash industry is not exception. More than 50% of new lashes customers intend to buy a product just because of the beautiful packaging. They may be ready to buy a product with an impressive packaging without having to think twice about it. So, why not invest value in packaging in the first place.

Role of an eyelashes package to the eyelashes


Most of the packaging of false eyelashes is made from PE plastic with the characteristics of being durable and environmentally friendly. Packaging will help preserve our eyelashes to be durable, avoiding physical agents from the environment that are harmful to eyelash quality. In addition, the packaging also helps to separate the eyelashes from water and dirt to ensure that the eyelashes are in the best state when they reach the user despite the complicated stages of transportation.

Besides, another extremely useful function of packaging is to make the transportation process easier. Eyelash packaging ideas with design from plastic boxes with boxes that can be easily stacked, reducing space, saving space in transportation.

How a package improve your brand’s representation

One of the most basic and ancient functions of packaging is to convey information. Usually, the information printed on the eyelash packaging includes product name, brand name, material, function, instructions for use and maintenance, etc. There are many big men in the false eyelash industry. This leads to stiff competition. If there is no difference, it is very easy to be kicked out of the market.

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Besides ensuring quality, choosing impressive packaging is also a way to increase competitiveness. Obviously, lashes with beautiful eyelash packaging ideas will create stronger trust for customers. They will rest assured to spend the money to own them. At the same time, too that brands will also gain loyal customers.

In addition, the packaging is always designed to wrap the product and can only be opened once. Therefore, once the package is opened, it cannot be closed again or when closed, it will leave a identifying mark. This in turn reduces the risk of products being stolen.

How to design a professional eyelash packaging?

After knowing one about the importance of packaging, why don’t we continue to discuss in detail? Obviously, when consumers buy eyelashes, they will first look at the outer eyelash packaging ideas. After all, a perfect eyelash box always plays an important role in attracting customers, right?

Two mains things to know about the eyelash packaging ideas

The first is art. Or more precisely, it is attract the eye with the knowledge skills of color arrays and drawings. If your eyelash packaging ideas cannot capture all eyes, it will go unnoticed, easily forgotten.

The second is the content of the packaging. Does the information printed on each false eyelash packaging convey all the valuable things that the false eyelashes inside it possess? Content is important. Therefore, before designing a packaging template, managers should focus their time to come up with an essential set of content that will be printed on product packaging. It is best to find the keywords to express the nature of the false eyelashes inside, do not try to cram so much information that the message on the packaging is diluted.

Choosing colors and font of text

After determining color and content are two important points of perfect packaging. Let’s start researching it. On the package, it is impossible not to have your business logo. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the color of the packaging, the color and the font of the slogan and the information to match your logo.


The packaging must show the understanding of the business with its eyelash products. Besides, it also has to convey those things in an impressive way to the customers. Managers can research competitors’ eyelash packaging ideas to make them be out-standing in the same sales space.

Create a novelty eyelash packaging

We all want to experience new things. Therefore, the creative investment in the box shape brings customers a completely new and different experience, making it easy for you to leave a mark when customers experience using the product. In addition to the impressions that come from the slogan or color, the shape of the packaging is also a factor that cannot be superficial.

According to one of our research, by changing the shape of the product packaging, sales of this long-established 3D eyelashes skyrocketed in just a few months. This is the clearest proofs of the advantages of the unique eyelash packaging shape.

Vietnam Lash is the most reputable of eyelash packaging ideas wholesale

As a distributor providing the best false eyelashes products, Vietnam Lash offers customers a variety of eyelash packaging ideas. We are also ready to design packaging according to the requirements of retail partners.

About Vietnam Lash

Vietnam Lash owns years of experience in the lash business, is affirming its position as the leading eyelash supplier in Vietnam and quickly establishing a foothold in the global lash markets. Hitherto, Vietnam Lash Factory has registered as the most trustworthy distributor in every corner of the world ranging from Australia to Europe, the USA,… with more than 1500 loyal lash artists, vendors.
Vietnam Lash ensures to provide customers with the best quality in the market with the most affordable price. Furthermore, Vietnam Lash ceaselessly updates and innovates equipments and techniques in the factory to satisfy customers, even the most demanding ones.

Our producing packages processes

If you are our close partner, you will receive many business incentives when ordering packaging design orders.
Vietnam Lash has a team of professional and dedicated designers, ready to advise you on the latest trends. Regarding the implementation process, Vietnam Lash produces packaging on high quality technology.

First, the designers will work with the clients to determine the needs and background information. They will draw the demo packaging and also discuss with the clients until they are satisfied with the design. The consultant will advise customers on which packaging material is suitable for their needs and price. After that, the packaging will be molded by advanced technology lines combined with printing. At Vietnam Lash’s factory, we often use high quality inks for the most vivid and durable colors. Then, the boxes will be polished to become more attractive.

The process of gluing and assembling the box is also done by machines. The outer and inner boxes are usually glued with hot melt glue. After packaging is complete, the box will be cleaned with alcohol or water, disinfected, and packaged.


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