The Top 4 Best Watch Brands

Even if we are already in the smartphone age, nothing can hold a torch to the most traditional and reliable way of telling the time: the traditional watch. This is because the traditional watch functions as a timekeeper and a piece that shows off your style and status.

There are classic brands that stand above the rest. These brands have withstood the test of time and succeeded. In terms of quality, they are beyond comparison. They are also reliable, especially when worn as status symbols. 

The top four (4) best watch brands are:


Seiko is a world leader in the horology world. Seiko produces watches, clocks, electronic devices, semiconductors, jewelry, and optical products. Kintaro Hattori founded Seiko in 1881 in Tokyo, and the brand pioneered quartz watches and the first quartz watch with a chronograph complication. In World War II, Seiko manufactured wristwatches for Japanese soldiers. 

Seiko is a Japanese watch brand that has a great and wide reputation in the art of watchmaking. The brand is known for its genius in design and putting its philosophy through it; they also offer every customer a high-end quality timepiece that possesses great accuracy and reliability. 

Seiko offers the very best value in watches. The premier watch brand boasts a massive, diverse, global catalog with several price points. In addition, Seiko’s technology has a wide range of technological advancements, ranging from old-school mechanical calibers to GPS-enabled solar-powered quartz units that are self-setting when crossing time zones. As a result, anyone can find a gem of a watch from Seiko! 

You can purchase Seiko watches from


Montblanc’s story began with a pen. Montblanc is remembered for personalized gifts, such as those often found beneath gift wrappings and fancy ribbons. However, the origins of Montblanc trace back to when a Hamburg banker and an engineer from Berlin decided to produce simplicissimus pens. As a result, Montblanc focused on producing premiere luxury pens. The brand expanded its product roster from luxury pens to other luxury goods such as accessories, leather goods, and watches.

Montblanc has two (2) factories where its production is held. These two factories are the Montblanc Montre S.A. in Le Locle and the Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie in Villeret. The former is the main factory. For specialty modules, the Minerva in Villeret is the go-to factory for Montblanc. 

Thanks to its specialized craftsmanship and sharp detail in design, Montblanc is and remains one of the most beloved watch brands in the world. 

Harry Winston

Harry Winston is known as the “King of Diamonds.” The brand is one of the most exclusive and luxurious of Swatch Group’s wholly-owned subsidiaries. In addition, it features a curated collection of timepieces, including the limited-run Opus series, the Histoire de Tourbillon line, and the Project Z family. 

With an eclectic collection dedicated to showcasing the brand’s mastery of diamonds and its continuing promotion of some of the most inventive and audacious minds in Haute Horlogerie, the luxury brand has earned a deserved and valuable space in the horological pantheon.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet produces luxury mechanical watches. The brand is headquartered in Le Brassus, Switzerland. In addition, Audemars Piguet features its Royal Oak luxury sports watch in steel and for it being celebrated across pop culture and the hip-hop scene, including music artists Jay-Z, Kanye West, and others.

The brand’s excellent watch releases and technical innovations have received attention. The more recent innovations from Audemars Piguet include the first movement from carbon fiber and the thinnest automatic caliber with a perpetual calendar complication. 

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