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In India and many other countries, some famous games are banned. There can be several reasons for banning this game. In India, two games are specifically banned after complaints from gamers. In this article, we are going to talk about Games : Garena Free Fire & Pubg India. I will give you all details related to the ban of these two games. So you have to stick to this article till the end. Games : Garena Free Fire & Pubg India

If you are in India and want to play Garena Free Fire and Pubg mobile then you can’t. Because the Indian government has banned these games. The Indian public claims that these two games contain malicious content. In the beginning, the restriction was for no longer time but now they have extended that time limit, and these games are still banned and gamers aren’t able to play them.

How Games : Garena Free Fire & Pubg India got banned?

The ban of this game started when some group of players sent a complaint about the reason for bans of these games where some gamers complained about the suspected looting limit of the game. The lawyers claim that the framework of this game is against Indian law so it needs to stop being used of this game. then many other people start to complain about these two games. There were some issues that were reported by many gamers and that became the reason for banning Games : Garena Free Fire & Pubg India. Given below I am going to mention the main reasons for the ban.

Reasons for banning these games: games such as free fire and PUBG aren’t working in India due to the following reasons. Let’s have a glance at them.

  The very reason for banning this game is that these two games aren’t real. The makers of these games have copied the idea and version of very famous games such as Fortnite and the rules of survival. The two games are very similar. Moreover, the developers of the game just launched them in India without telling or taking permission from real game developers.

  Second reason is that PUBG games contain brutal and cruel content that can have a bad effect on children playing this game. Children who are below 18 can learn cruel acts from this game and can harm others. That is the reason why this game isn’t suitable in India.

How to download Games : Garena Free Fire & Pubg India?

These two games are liked by many people all over the world. But Indian society has banned these games because they can make kids violent, youngsters can be addicted to these games and moreover, these are open source games that can exploit children for profit. India is trying its best to stop the use of this game. But through VPN this game is still played by many gamers. They haven’t stopped using it till now.

What is the Garena Free fire game?

This is basically a shooter game where different players are dropped on an island and they have to collect weapons from killing people and then taking over that place. This is an open space game and it can cause many problems for children.

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Countries that have banned Garena Free Fire & Pubg:

Other than India, some other countries also find these games unhealthy and violent. To save children and youngsters from this game they have banned these games. countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh have prohibited the use of these games finding them unreal and harmful. But gamers believe that their governments will uplift the ban soon and they will play these games.


In this article, we have talked about Games : Garena Free Fire & Pubg India. I have tried my best to explain why these games have been banned in India. Parents also need to check their children which games they are playing and if they are harmful they should stop them.

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