5 New Elements of Printing Boxes In 2022

Printed product packaging is one of the most important means of corporate communication today. It can be adapted to the marketing plan and brand specifications to increase sales. Custom designed print boxes can create more awareness about your brand and increase customer loyalty. A product is no longer just a merchandise. It includes everything that gives the customer an unforgettable experience. Elements to focus on are shapes, typography, textures, color combinations, logos and more. Impressive packaging becomes the center of design trends. 2022 was a year of innovation in printed carton packaging.

A major concern for manufacturers is color representation, thinking behind the box, introducing budget printing techniques, and so on. Some even started working on high quality improvements like embossing, UV warning, waterproof warning, cutting, glossy / matte lamination etc. All these developments have given rise to some new aspects in the packaging sector. Let’s take a look at five new print box items that will be updated in 2022:


With growing environmental concerns, sustainability is no longer a hobby, it just takes time. It has become the lifestyle of most consumers and can affect the decision making process. When it comes to packaging, companies are starting to use sustainability as a brand. They incorporate biodegradable or recycled materials into their packaging design to make it more attractive to consumers. Making custom print boxes for a product is also a growing trend of sustainability. This is because consumers today are more aware that their packaging will be buried. Less waste of packaging means lower printing cost, making durability an important component when printing boxes.

Color Mix

Colors play an important role in brand promotion and customer retention. Although color trends change with each season, they have a profound effect on the design of shopping patterns. The general trend of the cross packaging industry in 2022 is to focus on natural colors and neutral tones. Bright, bright colors add a unique dimension to the design of your product, and work well with the brand. Sometimes a print box made with a combination of beautiful colors. It can create a more distinctive effect than a few bright colors. These packages leave a good impression in the minds of consumers. They start associating your product / service with this color. Permanent, natural colors complement your logo and help build, maintain and strengthen a positive relationship with your brand.

A Story

Story packaging automatically connects customers to your product. Printed boxes can be an effective communication tool for sharing your brand’s story, mission and vision. By telling stories, design can make them more attractive to the user while traveling. Before you go too far with your products, start making history. Using print packaging is a great way to tell customers. You are as a brand or what values ​​you can convey to your target audience. Telling an interesting story about your brand is essential for its growth. It also helps build brand associations with your customers and they keep on trusting your brand for years to come. So, it is a very handy marketing tools and helps you grow your business in no time.


This is the secret if you want to make your brand special to your customers. It’s personal! Creating customized print packages can enhance your brand’s reputation. Even if you are starting a new small business. You can easily take advantage of this trend by offering short-term customization. The use of diverse and modern printing technologies has made your job easier. You can add an extra personal touch to your wrapping papers, receipts, business cards and other promotional materials.


Minimalism is a trend that is prevaling for many years. It is expected to continue to dominate in 2022. Most brands use the principle of minimal design to create their visual identity, including product packaging. By working in this style, designers remove all unnecessary design elements, making it good enough to convey your brand message. When it comes to box printing. Simplicity helps to grab the customers and making insiting them to make a decison quickly.

So, keep your packaging as simple as possible to save your customers time and for a quick decison making. You untimate goal is get as many product sales you can make to increase revenues.

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