Lowes Hours 2022: Opening, Closing, Today, Sunday Hours

Lowes Hours 2022: A home is a place that every person desires to renovate and decorate with new trends. And how cool it is when you find all related products in one place. So in this regard, a wholesale retailer company known as Lowes store is serving its best products to improve and renovate your house.

You will possibly find all the tools, flooring, tiles, and roofing. You will get all the products in very high quality and at a low price. So before visiting Lowes store you should know about Lowes hours for opening and closing. In this article, we will talk about it.

Lowes Hours:

Lowes store is the number one store where you will find products to upgrade your home. All the products are of high quality and available at reasonable prices. If you want to avail this amazing opportunity you must know about Lowes hours. Given below are the timing when it closes and opens.

What time does the Lowes Store open?

Lowes is a store where all the important products for home construction are present. So they open the stores early in the morning so people can buy products.

They usually open their store at 6:00 Am in the morning from Monday to Saturday. Lowes hours of opening are changed for Sunday. It is because most people have off on Sunday and they awake late so the timings for Sundays are 7:00 Am.

What time does Lowes Store close?

People are very satisfied with the services of Lowes store because they get all important products in one store. They don’t need to go store to store to buy things. Lowes hours for closing are 9:00 pm. They stay open till this time so people can buy stuff till late. But the timings for Sundays are changed. The store closes one hour earlier than usual.

Lowes Hours Today:

Are you worried about finding the store close? You don’t really need to get worried because it is very easy to know whether the store is closed or not. Lowes hours today can be guessed as they have clearly mentioned that the store will open from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday it will stay open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. You can choose any day for shopping by keeping these times in mind.

Holiday hours of Lowes Store:

Lowes store is among one those stores that do great business. They even are open on special occasions and they give special discounts on special events. Following is the list of events when the Lowes store stays open.

1-   President day

2-   Labor day

3-   Columbus day

4-   Independence day

5-   Black Friday

6-   Mother’s day

7-   Father’s day

8-   Memorial day

9-   Good Friday

10- Easter

Lowes stores only stop providing their services following events.

1-   Thanksgiving

2-   Christmas

Discounts and offers at Lowes:

They give their customers a chance to get off on several products and it usually happens on special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. Every store has different discount packages. But most of the stores give off from 10 to 30%. They even put sales online. Where people can buy stuff and get off.

Lowes store near me:

It is now very easy to find Lowes store and Lowes Store hours, lowe’s hours. If you are planning to go on shopping but you don’t know the nearest store then grab your phone and open the google map or lowes store locator and put your city name and zip code it will give you the nearest location of lowes store.


The wholesale stores provide the customers with very reasonable products. Lowes store also does the same. In this article we have talked about Lowes Hours 2022: Opening, Closing, Today, Sunday Hours. i hope it will guide you. Thanks.

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