Ideas to make your gift more special

When you gift jewellery, it is an incredibly personal experience for you as well as the receiver. Whether you are gifting it to your someone special or your family members, the joy of receiving such a mindful and intimate gift can be doubled. Sure, you can hand over the gift to them, but here are a few ways you can make your gift even more meaningful.

Make it a surprise

The best gift is when they least expect it. Make it a wonderful surprise for them and watch their face light up when you gift it. If you are worried about the size of the ring or bracelet or bangle, a good trick is to simply get an adjustable one. If you are still unsure, then you can just go for something which doesn’t require their size at all. For example, if you see the stone earrings design in Melorra, you will see that the variety is great for all kinds of people (the shape of the face should be considered). Not just the jewellery but you can also make the gifting a complete surprise! For example, if you want to gift it to someone who has coffee every day, just hide it in their mug or leave it with the coffee maker! 

Put the jewellery on a toy

This is a great way to gift someone jewellery. Imagine thinking you are getting a teddy bear or a doll, and seeing the jewellery on them! What a brilliant way to receive a gift! This gesture will not only be about the gift that you are giving, but it will create a good and strong memory that will last a lifetime. Think of the women’s earring designs and get a soft toy or a velvet pillow to make the gifting part a whole event! If you are gifting it to your boyfriend or husband or brother, then you can think of creative ways like gifting it on a nerf gun, a toy car and so on! The best idea to gift it to your dad is on his stack of the daily newspaper. 

Pair the jewellery with other gifts

That’s right. You can create a trail of gifts. For example, if you bought earrings and a bracelet or a necklace, you can start by keeping one earring in a box, leading to another, leading to the chain, and finally the pendant. This fun little way to give gifts is great since it builds to the bigger finish and the person can enjoy and appreciate one gift at a time. This way of gifting can also be tweaked to make the receiver go on a treasure hunt around the house and get one gift at a time every time they solve the clue!

Make it personal and attach a memory

This is something that can make the gift even more special. Celebrate the best parts of your life with the receiver and get a gift which has a memory attached to it. For example, if you have taken a trip with your spouse to the beach that you both enjoyed, you can get something ocean or sea themed to remember that and immortalize it. When you are gifting your sibling, you can think of an inside joke or a happy memory and buy a piece of jewellery according to that. These small yet thoughtful gestures make the gift more personal and thoughtful. 

Jewellery is a gift that the receiver will enjoy for a lifetime. Then why not make the gifting part just as memorable? 

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