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Everything You Need to Know About Crop Top Lehengas

You must not be a stranger to lehenga designs. What is likely the most well-known wedding outfit in India is also a cult favourite among all the people here. There is no beating a crop top lehenga outfit, and there is no doubt about it. 

Clothes are the most significant form of gossip around here, especially dulhan lehenga choli. At weddings, it’s mostly the stylish lehengas you look at, not the dhotis. So what makes this one style of Indian clothing so perfect and idyllic? Why is everyone continuously dying over what traditional chaniya choli someone else is wearing? 

The answer is in the question itself. Ladies’ lancha are perfect because they are perfect for everyone. A full sleeve lehenga can never let you down, and you can never look bad in one! With that ideal style of blouse, and that perfect floor-length skirt, paired with the perfect dupatta – you can never go wrong with a lehenga. 

This may sound like a fantasy or entirely out of reach for some. But, here’s where it gets interesting; it is not unrelatable. You can buy, stitch, or custom-tailor yourself a whole new sleeveless lehenga, and it can be one that you love. 

CloudTailor is a custom tailoring platform that provides customers with everything they could need to get their dream outfits, even online ghagra. So while we talk about engagement lehenga designs, they offer everything from suits to shirts on their application, with the addition of online consultations with fashion designers if you need advice. 

On top of that, they provide you with artisans who will take your measurements, pick up your fabric, and stitch your clothes according to your fitting. They even deliver the final product to you at your doorstep, and it all is accessible right from your smartphone. 

Usually, lehengas consist of a blouse, skirt and dupatta. But nowadays, there are so many iterations of the same clothing that it can become hard to track what you like and what you don’t like, not to mention what’s trending and what isn’t. 

So fear not, for we are here to help you. The most versatile and favoured lehenga style is the crop top Ghaghra chunni. So here, you can have any skirt you prefer, but with a cropped blouse that doesn’t overlap with the lehenga. 

Our job is to give you everything you need to know about crop top lehengas, so let’s get started, shall we?

Types of Skirts 


The classic lehenga skirt, which remains popular today, is the Anarkali. It has panels or Kalis that allow it to have a bigger circumference or ghera than other skirts. The drama and royalty imbibed by the emerald green lehenga are unrivalled. Plus, there is the fact that there are countless ways to style an Anarkali-style lehenga. 

Straight cut

A straight-cut lehenga skirt is an A-line skirt that flows in a straight shape from your waist to the ground. This lehenga choli for women’s designers generally has less circumference than other skirts. It is favoured especially when worn in saree style lehenga, complete with the pallu.  


The trend of ruffles and layers has not passed us by in 2022, friends. A layered lehenga skirt is what it sounds like – it has layers, usually punctuated by ruffles or frills. It can have asymmetric layers or a tiered outfit, then this is more of a modern lehenga style that today’s youth prefer. 

Mermaid style

The pairing of a mermaid-style skirt, which is fitted till your knees and then flares out – like a mermaid or fish’s tail – with a cropped blouse is the ultimate combination of Indian and Western clothing. 

Types of Crop Top Blouses 

Choli or Blouse 

The most commonly worn blouse with a lehenga is the choli or blouse. This is generally cropped and worn in varying lengths above the waist. The best part about these crop tops of a kind is that there are innumerable variations to be made to switch up every single blouse. There are countless ways in which you can alter them.

  • Neck design: Mock neck, Sweetheart neckline, V cut, Square neck, Boat neck, Strapless, Off shoulder, etc. 
  • Back design: Low back, Strappy back, Backless, Fishtail back, Mesh back, etc. 
  • Sleeves: Full sleeves, Quarter sleeves, Half sleeves, Puffed sleeves, Bell sleeves, Sleeveless, Thick straps, Cape sleeves, etc. 
  • Blouse design: Asymmetrical hem, Ruffles, Pleated, Wrap style, Cutouts, etc.  

Your Favourite Crop Top 

There is the iconic choli to go with your lehenga, but if you feel like mixing it up, go with your favourite crop top in your closet! Yes, you heard right, it could be a tank top, a strapless top, or a shirt that you tie up – everything goes with a lehenga. But, of course, a designer crop top lehenga goes exceptionally well with Indian jewellery anyway.

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