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Men’s Fashion: 10 great tips to dress well and spend little

When it’s time to organize the closet and choose the best pieces to compose a look, we usually think: fashion is an expensive business. But look: it isn’t. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look stylish, you can dress well with little money. 

Lack of money will no longer be an obstacle if you want to look more elegant, convey style and personality with cool looks and combinations. We have gathered some tips for you to learn how to dress well with little money. Check it out!

Take a look at your closet

No laziness, no drama: stand in front of your closet and give it a thorough overhaul. To dress well with little money, you need to organize everything you already have. Separate the basic pieces that you use the most, put them on the bed, and then set aside to donate all the old clothes and those you no longer use.

With your main clothes on your bed, make a list of everything you own: jeans? sweatpants? shorts? t-shirts? shirts? Write everything down and put it all back in the closet.

Invest in key pieces

To dress well and spend little, you need to have “key pieces”, some key items that go with all the clothes in your closet, and that can be adapted to be used in many different environments.

These pieces are essential to put together any look and convey the maturity needed in adult life: 

  • Good cotton T-shirts
  • A denim shirt
  • Chino pants
  • Wool or cashmere sweaters
  • Dark, unwashed jeans
  • A black leather boot
  • A casual shoe (men’s sneaker or sapato masculino)
  • A casual shirt (chambray style, can be, or linen)
  • A patterned shirt (can be plaid)

Know where to shop

Online stores, for example, can be your allies: “Quality clothing is not always synonymous with expensive clothing. Of course there is a minimum acceptable value for every item we consume, especially if we consider the production process and criteria such as environmental and social sustainability. 

However, nowadays, with the increase of fashion e-commerce, it is very possible to make a well thought out curatorship spending less.

That is why it is important to be aware: “There are always online promotions, discount vouchers, buying clubs, and opportunities. There are also outlets and good fast fashion stores where you can always find bargains or finds.

In addition, you may be surprised at the pieces available in thrift stores, both online and in physical stores. The key is to have the patience to search, and the dedication to find the pieces.

The capsule closet concept is innovative and fundamental for you to dress well with little money. The capsule closet is a practice that is gaining more and more fans, after all, it is extremely practical, economical and one of the main tricks to learn how to dress well spending little.

In short, the capsule closet works as follows: you think about everything you already have, and choose a number of clothes and accessories to have for a season (ranging from 20 to 40 pieces, more or less). Sounds difficult? You’ll be surprised at the number of combinations!

Learn how to combine

Still within the previous tip, it is fundamental to know how to combine the pieces of clothing you have in order to create as many variations as possible using the same items. For example: mustard twill pants go well with plain t-shirts, printed shirts, and even with dress shirts.

Light jeans, on the other hand, don’t go so well with more formal looks, unlike dark or black jeans, for example, which go well with any outfit.

Understanding how to mix the pieces to create more looks is key to saving money and dressing well for less.

Understand your priorities and your lifestyle

Besides understanding your personal taste and style, you also need to have your lifestyle clear in your mind. Often, the piece that is basic to you is not basic to someone else.

For example: do you have a sporty style? Then you will probably need sweatpants within your basic pants options. But if you have a sporty style and work in a law office, you will need a pair of tailored pants as well.

In this scenario, you can even dispense with jeans and stick with just a pair of twill pants to complete your three basic pants. However, if you work in a more informal advertising agency, you probably won’t even need tailored pants, and just a pair of black jeans and a pair of twill pants will be enough. Got it?Invest in accessory itemsAccessories are not expensive and also convey a lot of style. Within the concept of capsule closet, they are very welcome and can help you dress well with little money.

The same outfit combination can convey a completely different image if you change the accessory. If you wear a white t-shirt with black jeans, for example, and combine this look with a long leather necklace, you will create a certain image; on the other hand, if you wear the same combination with a black scarf or a scarf, the result of the look will be different.

Be safe and comfortable

That story about “dressing for success” is extremely real.

There is a reason why this cliché is so widespread around the world: studies suggest that what you wear can directly affect your security and sense of power, you know?

Some scientists from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University have found, through experiments, that research participants who wore the lab coats normally worn by doctors were better able to perform certain tasks than others who wore regular clothes.

In other words: dressing according to the occasion, and being comfortable in your clothes, can be instrumental in making you feel secure and confident, and consequently convey a better image.

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