The Best Social Media Tools to Use for Marketing

Social media has become one of the most critical marketing channels for businesses. This is because it is not only so accessible but also because social media allows you to market your business on its terms. As a marketer, you can use social media platforms to amplify your business reach and build an audience that will engage with your content on their own time. However, marketing needs more than just volume in order to be effective — you need high-quality social media tools that are easy to use and produce results.

As a result, NetbaseQuid’s objective is to provide artificial intelligence-powered consumer and market insight to enable business transformation in a noisy and unpredictable world.

1. Buffer: Scheduling Social Media Posts

When you plan to publish quality content on your social media channels, you will want to ensure that each piece of content is valuable and relevant to your audience. However, it can be challenging to plan ahead for this. With Buffer, you can share content at any time by scheduling a post directly from their website or app. Buffer is the #1 rated tool for scheduling social media posts, and it’s effective for posting content at set times and dates or on specific days of the week.

2. Hootsuite: Social Media Management Tools

Hootsuite is a social media management tool designed for individuals and teams. It allows you to manage multiple social media profiles from one dashboard, but unlike many other social media tools, it’s not just limited to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The platform also connects with other important social media platforms such as Google+, YouTube, and Instagram

Hootsuite also allows you to search for the most relevant content from several sources. Users can also view their social media engagement rates with the platform by tracking the number of people who have liked, commented, or retweeted a post. Therefore, Hootsuite offers an in-depth breakdown of your analytics and allows you to interact with potential customers. 

3. Google Analytics: Analytics For Social Media

Google Analytics helps track your audience across all your social media channels at a solid level of granularity. You can also export the data in a variety of formats, so you can easily analyze it for your business’ success.

In the ever-expanding sea of social and news media, capturing customers’ mindshare is a constant task. However, you can use NetBase Quid social and market analytics to create an in-depth profile of your target customer so that you can focus your time, effort, and money on achieving your acquisition goals.

4. Rebrandly: Link Shortener 

If your social media marketing campaigns rely heavily on links, you will want to use a link shortener that offers analytics. Rebrandly is a great choice because it uses a unique URL structure to make links and track clicks. On top of this, Rebrandly provides browser extensions that make sharing links much easier.

5. AI-Powered Consumer Intelligence: Social Media Monitoring

Social media marketing involves a lot of work, with the goal being to grow your business. As such, you will want to ensure that you are using the best tools possible and that they offer AI-powered Consumer Intelligence.

To maintain a competitive edge today, firms must rely on data rather than intuition. However, in today’s society, the problem is not a lack of data but rather a glut of data. Most firms simply don’t know what to do with the massive amounts of social data at their disposal. To make matters worse, the plethora of data analysis tools available are frequently too complicated and time-consuming to be of any actual value.

NetBase Quid provides an AI-powered consumer intelligence platform that minimizes the need to employ numerous social media tools for data analysis by providing a 360-degree view from all data sources. It enables you to boost business agility by detecting market and consumer trends across all social data sources.

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