A Guide to the Kinds of Trucking Job Available in the USA

Although trucking culture is present in just about every nation on earth, it is at its most prevalent and influential in the United States of America. American trucking has a big place in the national identity. It makes sense. The United States is a large country with poor rail infrastructure. It needs truckers. Not only does it need truckers, but it needs dedicated operators willing to travel thousands of miles just to deliver a load. Trucking also pays surprisingly well, and is in no danger of becoming an obsolete role any time soon.

Now might be the perfect time to join the ranks of America’s road-bound. There is a nationwide shortage of truckers at the moment, which means that haulers can demand higher pay and get jobs more easily. Here is a quick guide to the kinds of trucking jobs that can be found in the USA. 

Auto Hauler 

Auto-hauling jobs are pretty self-explanatory. Special trailers are used to carry multiple vehicles safely. These vehicles may be taken from manufacturers to dealers or from second-hand lots to export terminals. Auto haulage is an essential part of the vehicular manufacturing industry’s logistics chain. 

Hot Shot Trucker 

Hot shot trucking is a kind of small-scale shipping work suitable for people looking to get into the trucking industry without huge amounts of money. For more, check out Powerful pickup trucks are perfectly suitable for hot shot trucking, which involves the use of a towed commercially available trailer of medium length. Hot shot truckers typically carry loads locally to areas that would not usually be served by traditional tractor/trailer haulers. They may deliver farming equipment, local produce or singular vehicles. 

Dry Van Hauler 

Dry van hauling jobs are fairly easy to find – being the most common kind of haulage in the United States of America. A dry van trailer is pretty much what you would expect. It usually consists of a rigid or canvas box-like structure into which goods can be stacked and strapped. Dry van haulers can carry everything from electronics to pallets, so there’s a lot of variety here.. 

Flatbed Hauler 

Flatbed hauling jobs have an extremely variable rate of pay depending on what kind of load is being hauled. Flatbed trailers are not enclosed, and loads are strapped to a (you guessed it) flatbed. These trailers are usually used for carrying loads that are too awkwardly shaped or large to fit into regular dry van arrangements.

Large farm machines, military vehicles and prefabricated buildings are typically moved using flatbed trailers. Truck drivers that own their own tractors should be advised that there may be a power and performance minimum that needs to be met by your machine before you take on an unusually difficult flatbed load. 

Refrigerated Hauler 

Refrigerated haulage jobs are reasonably well paid, although truckers won’t find themselves earning too much more than they would if they took a dry load. Refrigerated trucks help to deliver fresh food from suppliers to retailers and restaurants efficiently. They were first used in the 1930s and have since proven to be essential to the food and drink industries.

Fredrick Mckinley Jones’ ‘Thermo King’ model of refrigerators is widely considered to have been the first operational model. Most regular motive tractors can pull refrigerated trailers. Some food provision specialists do not hire contract haulers, but instead have their own cadre of truck drivers and vehicles to streamline their operations. 

Tanker Hauler 

Tanker driving jobs are some of the most well-paid and highly sought-after trucking assignments. Tanker trailers are cylindrical tubes to hold various kinds of liquid. In many cases, a trucker may be asked to carry a kind of liquid which is hazardous: fuel and acid, for instance, are typically transported via tanker.

For this reason, tanker drivers must be extremely careful in their work and follow a series of safety procedures. They must also be able to follow emergency protocols for containing dangerous liquids and gasses in the event of a spill. Oil and chemical spills can be extremely damaging to the environment and dangerous for human beings. If spills are not swiftly contained, they can constitute minor environmental disasters. 

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