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10 things you need for a beautiful paint project

Want to paint like a pro? That would not seem tough anymore once you have the right tools at hand to help you through the process. There is no substitute for good quality products. For a paint job to last long, you will have to make sure to keep a tight budget but also not use cheap and inefficient paints or poorly made brushes. For a gorgeous finished look, several aspects would have to be taken care of. If you are new at this and are not well aware of what you may require when you paint the interiors of your house, here is your guide (in no particular order)

Beautiful Paint Project

  1. Colors – The most exciting part about starting a paint project would be the wall paint colour that you would like to paint your house in. The different shade, a whole new vibe, these aspects can be super thrilling. If there is existing furniture, make sure to paint the room in a complementing shade. 
  2. Painter’s tape – Do not exclude this from your list. One of the most important things while painting the room would be the tape. Use it to cover and seal the edges of the walls, switchboards, etc. You can also use it to block off areas that the cloth will not cover – edges of doors and windows being some.
  3. Brushes – The type of paint you are using, the area that needs to be covered, and any particular design or stencil would require different brushes. Further, even different colours of paints might be best with a separate brush as it would save the pain of having to clean them constantly.  
  4. Cloths – For the bigger pieces of furniture in the room that cannot be moved, rags, tarps, and pieces of cloth would be important to protect them from any stains or splashes of paints. These can be taped and sealed off at the edges for a better result. 
  5. Wall cleaners – The walls can often be dirty – oil stains, scratches, dirt, etc can cover the walls, and applying paint on it directly could result in chipping or cracking. Using sandpaper to clean the walls and also using a cloth could go a long way in making the paint job more durable. 
  6. Rollers – A standard roller works very well on the majority of the walls and large spaces. It is a much faster method than the brush. Using a painter’s pole, you can also equip yourself to paint the ceilings with a roller. These also have a good finish texture. 
  7. Paint tray – Use different types of trays for the shades that you may have. For a shade that you want to use a roller, bigger trays would help. For smaller portions of paint, you can use a palette or a smaller paint tray. Using the can of paint directly would contaminate it with dust and dirt.
  8. Primer Primer paint should not be ignored. This will be the first coat that you will apply on freshly cleaned walls as it helps the paint stick faster and increases its durability. Applying a coat of primer would also lead to the lesser use of paint thus saving on cost. 
  9. Putty knife/spatula – To effectively patch any holes or when applying the putty, this knife can come in handy as it is double-edged and can do the job quickly and effectively. The cracks and scrapes in the walls can also be covered using this set of knives. 
  10. Brush cleaner & comb – After the painting process, the first thing that often goes to waste is the brushes as the paint dries on them or their bristles are rendered useless. Use a good quality brush cleaner and keep a brush comb at home that will be useful in the long run. 

Give your home and the interiors a stunning makeover in the most efficient way possible. Use all these items at your discretion and make this task easy for you. Enjoy the process and the finished product as people admire your work. Become an expert on painting and earn the rightful compliments that come your way.

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