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What are the investment benefits in Sports Valley?


Blue World City is one of the most significant housing societies in Islamabad. This housing community is a beautifully planned and reasonably priced tourism development. Moreover, the developers of this housing society continue to make great efforts to impress clients with long-term housing investing and beat the competition. In addition, it has officially opened the doors to its brand-new Blue World City Sports Valley Block, which boasts an eye-catching design. The main goal in designing this new block for BWC was to give inhabitants access to some of the most incredible sporting facilities. Further, there is already a separate entrance to this block, and work is still in progress. This blog contains information regarding investment benefits in Sports Valley.

What are the investment benefits in Sports Valley?

Sports Valley is a beautiful new addition to Blue World City home development project. However, the sports valley wants to develop into a remarkable project area. The Sports Valley’s goal is to attract more visitors and offer a healthy way of life for people who wish to experience a unique, healthy lifestyle just outside their front door.

In addition, a cricket stadium and well-known locations like the Torch Tower replicas and Villagio Shopping District built inside the Sports Valley, similar to the Burj Al Arab Dubai, were acquired and built inside the neighbourhood. Continue reading this fascinating content below about investment benefits in Sports Valley of BWC. 

Ideal Location

Sports Valley’s location inside Blue City is indeed remarkable. The society is near Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and the new Islamabad Airport, which has a beautiful place. However, the Defense Highway is near the main avenue, 208 feet wide, allowing for quick block connections. Additionally, the General and Overseas Blocks are close to this new block. Therefore, the location of the sports valley block is attractive and convenient.

NOC Sports Valley Block

The RDA granted Blue World City a No Objection Certificate in 2018. In addition, all residential communities will receive NOC clearance from their respective Regional Councilors after the Punjab Government supported the Municipal Bodies Ordinance in December 2021. To obtain NOC for this new Sports Valley, the community also applied. Moreover, BWC management is hopeful that the NOC for this block of sports valley will also be available soon.

Sports Valley Project Schedule

The master plan for this residential society is public by the management. The management is constructing a housing sector on land measuring 5, 8, 10, and 1 Kanal, following the master plan. Moreover, with significant commercial plots measuring 5 and 8 Marla, and 1 Kanal, Sports Valley is also developing a corporate sector. Further, the essential point is that Blue World City Payment Plan is affordable, which attracts investors the most.

Outstanding Features

Any civilization’s amenities, occupations, and facilities make life ideal. Blue World City is renowned as Pakistan’s first and best metropolis developed solely for tourism. Moreover, Sports Valley is not an exception to the amenities that Blue World City is implementing. First-rate, beautiful, and contemporary facilities with modern structures will be available for people in the Sports Valley block. Therefore, there are many investment benefits in Sports Valley.

This block has the following qualities: Health facilities, educational resources, underground electricity and gas, Islamic centres and mosques, a special entrance, a residential area with continuous security monitoring, lushly carpeted streets, and many more.

Sports Valley Development Status

The assessment process of Blue World City as a whole is going well. The Cycling Track, Torch Hotel, Bowling Alley, Gym, Cricket Academy, Apartments, Parks, Villagio Mall, Volleyball Court, Sports Club, Indoor Games, Hiking Trail, Blue Mosque, and Special Monuments are all now in the construction process. In addition to the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan. Moreover, exceptional connectivity for this block plans now, and the foundation building is progressing swiftly. The main boulevard in this BWC block is 208 feet wide and is already level. Additionally, Defense Boulevard offers access to the functional aspects.


Sports Valley block is the newest development in Blue World City. The community is giving its residents the finest outcomes imaginable so they can enjoy a life of luxury with all the incredible alternatives we have never experienced before. Furthermore, the affordable plot prices and easy down payment are the two most significant benefits of investing in BWC Sports Valley. In addition, the main justifications for investing in any community are its location, accessibility, on-the-ground development, international facilities, top-notch services, dependable owners and developers, amenities, and activities, as well as a sizable return on investment. Contact Estate Land Marketing for more information regarding Blue World City or other real estate projects. 

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