What Happens in Hosting a Virtual Job Fair?

A virtual career fair is totally different from a physical event. The most significant difference is that you can attend the virtual fair sitting at your location. Moreover, you do not have to worry about travelling, food, or accommodation.

Do you really want to know what happens at the virtual fair?

Here is a complete article with an overview of every aspect and tool that the best virtual job fair platform provides to make the experience seamless.

  1. Explore the Immersive Environment

5 Ways by which the best WhatsApp Business API Provider make the ambiance experience perfect for you are as follows:

  • Attractive 3D Designs:

You will get an appealing 3D design in your virtual fair platform. It will provide you with an in-person experience of an event. Moreover, you can view the complete ambiance using the 360-degree view.

  • Virtual Lobby:

You will be able to enter and experience the virtual lobby with the animated lighting and background lobby. Moreover, it will give you a feeling of a physical event.

  • Easy Navigation:

You will get a guide video to explore all the elements of your virtual career fair. Moreover, it can be easy to know all the details and parts of your virtual fair.

  • Dynamic Banners:

You can see all the sponsors displaying banners and using them for brand awareness. Moreover, it can take the audience to the internal or external links of the brand.

  • Multi-Format Content Display:

You will explore various types of content in the showcase section of the virtual career fair platform.

  1. Valuable Networking Opportunities

5 Ways that increase the networking opportunities in a virtual event are as follows:

  • Advanced Candidate Search Filters:

The right virtual job fair platform displays all your provided information along with your CV. The employers can view the specific type of category using the search filter option. Moreover, they can use the various keywords related to experience, qualifications, and other to get a listing of the shortlisted candidates.

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  • Business Card Exchange:

Anyone at the virtual trade fair platform will be able to take and share business cards. You can request any employer, host, or other sponsors available at the virtual event to share their business cards. But you can get the business card only after they approve the request. Similarly, you have to accept their request in order to share your card.

  • Virtual Networking Tables:

You can enter and sit at the round networking table that works for 2 to 8 people. It is a different place for discussions and conversions over a specific topic. You can ask various questions there and get answers from the experts as well.

  • Multi-Format Communication:

You can use the live chat option for 1:1 or a group conversation with the people present at the online event platform, similar to the virtual property fair platform. Also, you can contact each other with in-built audio and video conferencing features.

  • B2B Meeting Schedulers:

You will also get an option to book an appointment in advance with the experts at the virtual fair platform. The B2B pre-meeting scheduler helps you connect with anyone at the event and get solutions for all the queries and problems you face.

  1. Access to Multi-Format Content

5 Ways virtual job fairs make necessary content available in different ways for the candidates, attendees, and employers are as follows:

  • Live Board with Vacancies:

You can get access to view and download all the vacancies available at the virtual fair platform via the live board. It displays all the requirements of the event so that you can know all the posts available with the eligibility criteria and other prerequisites.

  • Welcome & Guide Video:

You can get access to view and download all the documents and other essential information provided by the organizations and employers. It will help you know about the work culture and other data about the organization.

  • Hiring Catalogs & Candidate Resumes:

The Organizations and employers at the virtual fair platform get a complete list and catalogue of the candidates registered for the event. You can make the optimal first impression by creating and sharing an up-to-date and spotless resume with employers.

  • Portfolios and Other Documents:

You can also upload your work portfolio in order to increase your chances of getting selected for the job you desire. The virtual job fair platform supports all types of documents. So, you have complete freedom to upload all the essential information that you think can affect and profit your job placements.

  • Applicant Videos:

Many organizations use the videos for elevated pitches. You can create a video introducing yourself, sharing your qualification and background, and ending by sharing which post you want.

  1. Attendees Get Tools for Engagement

You can get various tools to manage your nervousness and keep the boredom away from you. 5 Engagement features are as follows:

  • Social Wall:

You will be able to see the social wall of all the organizations. It will display all the social media comments, conversations, and other data in brief.

  • Branded Booths:

You can view and reach the virtual brand booths. There will be booth representatives who will answer all your questions and doubts. So, you can connect and ask questions using the chat, audio, and video call feature.

  • Gamification:

You can get numerous AR/VR games to play during break times. It will be beneficial to reduce your nervousness and control your emotions.

  • Interactive Tools:

You can get the in-built chat, audio, and video call to connect and communicate with others present at the virtual fair platform. Also, you can get external plugins such as WhatsApp, BlueJeans, Zoom Meeting, etc., to connect and interact seamlessly with anyone at the event.

  • AR Photo Booths:

You can get the augmented reality-based photo booth that can be helpful in taking photos using different backgrounds. Also, you can create a gif easily with the help of this AR photo booth.

  1. Top-Notch Customer Support:

You can get high-level support from the technical support team. The best virtual job fair platform provides 24/7 customer support to make a smooth and more user-friendly experience.

So, these are the various experiences, features, and functionalities that you can get at the virtual job fair live streaming service. You can create a better experience and get a higher chance of getting a better job sitting on your sofa.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know everything you can experience at a virtual job fair.

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