Top 10 Programming Languages For Kids To Learn In 2022

Coding is a fantastic skill. It can do wonders for your creativity, problem-solving ability, time management skills, computational, algorithmic & analytical capabilities, mathematical skills, knowledge, etc. In addition, capable coders often exhibit masterful strategic techniques and can think in an extraordinarily sharp & precise manner.

It is no wonder why so many pedagogical experts consider programming to be a rudimentary skill, at par with reading & writing. Yet, teaching coding/programming from a young age can boost cognition, intelligence & problem-solving potentials substantially. But, where and how to begin?

Here are the top 10 programming languages for kids to start coding in 2022.

The 10 Best Programming Languages For Kids To Start Coding

  1. Scratch

When it comes to coding languages for kids, Scratch is a sure-fire number one contender. Developed and maintained by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab, it is an excellent language to develop solid coding foundations.

Visual interfaces and elements allow for better engagement and an acute understanding of programming principles. For example, Scratch used the drag & drop approach to programming, wherein the young minds can drag, drop & manipulate code blocks to animate characters and even build applications.


Following are the most prominent features.

  • COMPLETELY FREE and available for both personal & academic use
  • Scratch integrates creativity and storytelling elements in programming
  • Large interactive online community for sharing creations & study resources
  • Usable by beginners across an extensive age range, from elementary to high school & beyond
  • Available in multiple languages
  • It comes with a facility called Remix, wherein coders can work on someone else’s work

A great place for kids to start coding, Scratch can be genuinely considered a stepping stone in programming.

  1. Python

Python is currently the most in-demand programming language in software & IT. It ranks number one in the TIOBE software index 2022 and is a general purpose, multi-paradigm, &strongly typed language with extremely lucid syntax.

Python is ideal for both experienced coders & beginners. It comes with batteries (with an extensive library) and a vast coding community. Simple syntax and intuitive interpretation are the two biggest reasons this versatile language is the king of the digital world today.

The following are the most significant features.

  • Minimalistic code that reads like everyday speech
  • Relatively shallow learning curve compared to C++, Java, etc.
  • Language and all its libraries are open-source and available FREE for personal use.
  • Large interactive community

Besides teachers & instructors, there are numerous programming assignment help services that can help a student navigate their Python challenges.

  1. Google’s Blockly

Like Scratch, Blockly is an advanced version of Google’s block-based coding. However, Blockly targets an upper age range and is designed for learners with more advanced skills. Google’s Blockly and MIT’s Scratch have recently collaborated to create Scratch Blocks.

Blockly is an excellent tool for tutors to start teaching the concepts & working of other programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, Lua, etc. This language is the perfect next step for anyone ready to advance beyond Scratch.

The language design allows young students to:

  • Experiment and engage in their creativity
  • Code in a clean and user-friendly interface
  • Use block-like elements to understand how different codes in different languages work

Blockly is extremely easy to navigate and understand. It detects different kinds of errors instantly and is highly versatile on all fronts. Truly an excellent programming language for kids to learn in 2022.

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  1. Alice

Developed by Carnegie-Mellon University, Alice is another block-based programming language that’s free to use. It offers an innovative & intuitive coding environment where students can quickly develop animations, 3D games, etc.

Alice prominent features.

Alice is an excellent starting point for learning object-oriented programming languages. Here are some prominent features.

  • It uses the same simple drag-and-drop block-based programming design of Scratch & Blockly.
  • Compatible across all OS
  • FREE to download
  • It can be used to learn OOP
  • Simple and friendly interface

Alice is a great place to begin for curious young minds.

  1. JavaScript

JS is just what the doctor ordered for kids interested in web development. Not only will learning JavaScript help learners master the basics but also acquaint them with two major programming paradigms: procedural programming & object-oriented programming.

JavaScript is the second most widely used language in IT, web, and software development. It is native to all browsers and one of the significant primary languages used in interactive websites & applications. Along with HTML & CSS, JavaScript is the modern World Wide Web pillar.

JS is an amazingly versatile language for young kids to learn coding with.


  1. Lua

Created in Brazil, Lua is a lightweight, multi-paradigm programming language. It is designed specifically for embedded systems & application programming, but a very short learning curve makes it great for young kids.


Lua’s great for:

  • Young children who want to learn a language quickly
  • Students interested in app and game programming
  • Learning skills that will span one’s career

Like Python, Lua is a fantastic language that can help one learn programming basics and design intricate applications. With such versatility, no wonder it’s so popular.



  1. Swift Playgrounds

Swift, Apple’s programming language, runs behind all major Apple operating systems & applications. It is a robust and intuitive coding language that offers coders a large amount of freedom. In addition, it is open source and easy to use, making Swift an excellent choice for young coders.


Swift Playgrounds, an app by Apple for the iPad & Mac, is an excellent platform to learn, experiment & have fun with Swift. Users do not require any prior coding knowledge; they can solve puzzles and learn the fundamental concepts of the programming language.

  1. Google’s Teachable Machine

This groundbreaking experiment by Google uses the low-code & no-code approaches to train AI models. The Teachable Machine is an excellent place for kids to start learning about AI & its underlying ideas.

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The tool supports models that can learn from images, sounds, etc. Students can develop & train their own AI models without prior knowledge about AI. Develop a model, gather data, train, test, deploy & export your AI model- become a young AI engineer with Google’s Teachable.



  1. C++

C++ is taught in high schools across the world. While it can be more challenging to learn than most other languages in this list, C++ can offer a deep understanding of vital programming principles. In addition, C++ is the foundation of almost every programming language on this list.

  1. TWINE

Finally, we have Twine, another FREE, open-source tool that focuses primarily on the creation aspect of coding.

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Those were the 10 of the best programming languages for kids to start learning to code. Hope this guide acts as a handy reference for students & teachers alike.

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All the best!


Author-Bio: Rose Haughes is a computer science & applications professor from Johor Bahru, the Malaysia. An avid coder and blogger, she is a part-time tutor with providing Assignment help in Johor Bahru

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