The 3 Best Longboards for Big and Heavy Guys (up to 300lbs)

The strongest longboard material for heavy riders

The weight limit for medium-length boards is between 200-250 lbs. High-quality 8-layer longboards are usually capable of supporting 250 lbs or more while lower quality boards with fewer layers support less. Weight capacity is also affected by wood type and plank length.

There are really only four main options for electric longboard: maple, bamboo, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. They all have their pros and cons, but unfortunately, no one can give you a general statement about which one is the strongest. The best boards are often a hybrid of two or more materials, and the cheapest boards are usually maple or bamboo/maple. However, you can find boards in almost any material that can support adults (up to the 250-pound range), so don’t get too hung up on it.

Longboard length for big boys

While people generally recommend taller people go with the longer board (for smoothness and stability).

What is the best Ply?

Just like toilet paper, “layer” is simply a layer, in this case, wood, typically laminate. So a 9-ply hardwood floor will have 9 layers of wood laminated together. Speaking of 9-ply, that’s the lowest you should consider if you’re a big and heavy guy. Most 9 ply boards will be good for over 250 pounds.

The most powerful Longboard truck for fat guys

If you’re planning on some serious speed, tricks, or your skateboarding attempt, you’ll want to consider upgrading to a 10mm shaft/bearing compared to the 8mm shaft typically found on the board. If you don’t want to do this yourself, most stores can set up your boards this way when you buy them or can add them later without spending too much.

Longboard Wheels for Heavy Racers

Heavyweight riders will want to opt for slightly stiffer wheels (around 87-88a) with a large contact surface (at least 45mm). A larger contact pad will distribute your weight over a larger area, reducing your wheel’s compression. 

Best longboard style for big boys

There are many different deck styles when it comes to longboards, but heavyweight riders shouldn’t be too adventurous. A good part of the board style/shape is dictated by how the trucks are mounted to the board. A top-mounted board is the strongest setup since you have a sturdy board that just sits on top of the truck. Avoid any drop-deck or drop-through setups if you want your board to stay fixed. Also, the table shape is often a personal preference as each style has its advantages and disadvantages.

Loaded Boards: Best Choice for 300lb. Players

Loaded Boards Tan Tien Complete Bamboo Skateboards (Stimulation 86a, Flex 1)

Not only do they make some beautiful and high-quality boards, but they are also one of the few companies on the market that manufacture boards with a 300-pound rating. While they don’t usually give hard and fast weight ratings, they do offer all of their boards in 3 different “flexes” with the stiffest suitable for riders over 270lbs. 

Out of all the boards that I can recommend, I chose what I consider to be one of their more interesting and versatile boards, the Tan Tien board.

This board is a little harder than your average engraving board, which makes it perfect for my big feet! Since I wanted a slightly shorter than average board, I needed some extra space to feel stable and this chunky 8.75-inch wide deck provides just that!

Aside from the obvious sturdiness, there are a host of features that, on the whole, make this the best long table for the big boys:

Remember when we talked about hybrid board materials? Well, Loaded is the king of heaps and uses two different materials in this board! Tan Tien has a dual bamboo core with a layer of fiberglass on each side to increase rigidity while reducing weight.

The wide W-concave deck shape will keep your feet steady no matter how you think you might be attacked.

If you buy this board on Amazon, you can message the seller directly and they will set up the board with the wheel you want on it to suit your weight and riding style!

The only thing about this board is… .price. It’s considerably more than most beginners who want to pay for a board, but from grandpa to grandpa I still recommend this board. It will feel sturdier and more enjoyable in the long run than any other option. As an added bonus, Loaded sets up this board well enough before shipping so you don’t have to run out and buy new wheels and trucks!

So if you really want the best long tables for 300 lbs, this is it!

What is the weight limit of a long plank?

The easy part of the question here is: what is the weight limit of a long plank? Well, you can find the answer to that from the manufacturer. Nearly every board is manufactured with a weight limit. But what does the weight limit mean? The weight that it will go well? Maximum weight before it will break? Yes, it depends. It’s quite common for people to walk on the board not to be assessed for their weight limit, and usually, they’re fine. With that said, a board rated for your weight will last longer, be faster, and have a smoother ride.

What is the best length of longboard for heavy riders?

There isn’t really a magic length when it comes to long tables for big men. While some rides are easier on longer/shorter boards, you can do pretty much anything on any given board. Just not quite as good. So for optimal performance, this is the length you want to search for:

Journey: 28-46 ″ (longer is usually faster and smoother, especially for heavy riders)

Downhill: 36-42

Freeride 38-42

As you can see, I chose the right board between those specs, which will suit anyone looking to do anything on a longboard.

What if I need a board longer than 300lbs?

If a 300 lbs table isn’t strong enough for you, you have several options. Walk on boards that aren’t rated for your weight (discussed above), or do custom boards.

Are longboards a good choice for commuting?

If you’ve seen someone go for a long walk on a long table and admire their speed, just know that they had to work hard to get there. While long distances are much faster than walking, if you’re considering commuting for several miles, check out other options like the heavy-duty scooter.


In short, the best longboard for a heavyweight racer is whatever longboard you actually get that won’t break! If you can’t get one of the best, just go on with whatever will bring you so much joy and experience. So grab a helmet, and start bombing some hills! Wish you happy travel!

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