The 3 best different types jet ski rentals

Countless tourists come to Berlin every year. Berlin has become a city of the world. There is a lot to experience here – even when it comes to jet skiing, Berlin definitely does not have to hide.

Here are a few great deals, which are presented in more detail in this article. In addition, remote control body shells it is about important tips so that jet skiing is also as much fun as possible – without neglecting the aspect of safety.

Rental #1: Jetski Potsdam

Jetski Potsdam has three different, high-quality jet ski models. These can even be taken on holiday. If you want to pick up a jet ski, you definitely need a corresponding boat license.

Otherwise, unfortunately, no jet ski can be rented. A deposit of €500 must be paid as a first step to renting a jet ski.

There is also the option to pay with a credit card or debit card. People who have rented a jet ski must pay for the corresponding fuel costs.

For interested parties, even Bluetooth sound systems can be booked so that the musical accompaniment also fits. Before it starts, there is a ten to fifteen-minute instruction on the correct handling of the jet ski, so the skills and knowledge learned by the driver’s license are deepened and refreshed again.

In order to be able to rent the jet ski, a valid identity card must be brought along in addition to the driver’s license. The jet skis are permanently found in the water, so nothing has to be transported on land.

Rental #2: Berlin Boat Charter

A wide variety of watercraft can be rented at the Berlin Boat Charter. The range includes fins for up to twenty people, fins for up to ten people, and fins for eight and five people. Furthermore, there are boats for four and six people as well as an inflatable boat, which can be used for up to three people.

If the focus is on the rental option of the jet ski, then interested persons must first pay a deposit of 90 euros. Furthermore, a driver’s license, which enables the use of a jet ski, is necessary.

In addition, the whole thing is borrowed half-day or full-day. The price calculation is then based on the mentioned time windows. Fuel billing is based on consumption. The jet skiers must always take this into account in order not to experience any nasty surprises in terms of price technology.

Before the excursion starts with the jet ski, this Berlin rental also instructs you on the correct handling of the jet ski. This takes about a quarter of an hour – and then it can finally start.

Rental #3: Jetski Berlin

Although this rental only allows you to rent a trailer for the next jet ski trip – but the knowledge of the provider is reason enough to include it in this central listing.

At Jetski Berlin, all questions that may arise in connection with the topic of “jet skis” can be clarified. If you intend to buy such a unique watercraft yourself, it is best to get advice from the appropriate experts in advance of the purchase. This is where the Jetski Berlin team comes in.

Comprehensive advice on buying jet skis makes this location a good starting point for all people who are toying with the purchase of their first, own jet ski. In addition, the watercraft can also be sold here, repairs as well as advice on tuning and much more.

Jetski Berlin: The best tips for jet skiing

Tip #1: The basic requirements should be met

In order to enjoy the ride on the jet ski as safely and free of injuries as possible, there are a few requirements that jet ski riders must meet in order to be on the safe side here.

Basic physical fitness is recommended. You don’t have to be a world-class athlete – but you shouldn’t have back pain, joint pain, or problems with the cardiovascular system.

The mentioned pain can be aggravated by the movements on the water and fainting, etc. due to existing cardiovascular problems can quickly take on very dangerous proportions.

Another important point to keep in mind would be sobriety. Under no circumstances should one be under the influence of medication, alcohol, drugs, or other substances. The resulting change in the ability to react can promote accidents.

Tip #2: Observe the minimum age

From the age of 16, you can go jet skiing at some locations under the supervision of an adult person, who usually has to have a valid jet ski license.

In the vast majority of cases, the age of the majority of drivers is assumed. In these cases, you can’t do much from the age of 16, except that you can be a passenger.

Tip #3: The right driver’s license is needed

Often a sports boat license with a focus or attention to the jet ski is required. Interested parties can only obtain this driving license if they complete a corresponding course.

In these lessons, you will learn the correct handling of the watercraft as well as the central theoretical background of jet skiing, some legal knowledge, and much more.

The examination then takes place in theory and practice. A questionnaire must be answered, which examines the fundamental cornerstones of the central subject areas of the lesson. In the practical exam, it must be shown that in reality you can also ride jet skis. If all this has worked, the examinees are issued the coveted driver’s license.

Tip #4: The right equipment

If you get on a jet ski, you should definitely wear a functional life jacket that meets the usual safety standards. Sturdy footwear that rc cars for kids can also get wet is recommended – please NO flip-flops, flip-flops, etc.! If you have, you can also use neoprene shoes. Especially when it gets a little colder, a wetsuit can not hurt.


In Berlin there are a few excellent ways to rent jet skis or even buy your own watercraft. Jetski Potsdam, the Berlin boat charter or Jetski Berlin are all top addresses when it comes to the topic of “jet skis” in Berlin. In addition to the rentals, there are central tips that must be observed so that jet skiing is also fun – and not dangerous.

You should not have back pain, medication or alcohol is taboo and in addition to the driver’s license, attention must also be paid to the appropriate equipment. We hope you enjoy jet skiing in Berlin.

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