Puppy Initial Equipment: What You Really Need

Eating, drinking, sleeping, playing – that’s all your puppy wants at first. Of course, chihuahua rat terrier mix near me there is a huge selection of dog equipment, but you don’t need all of it right at the beginning. Read below what is really important in the initial equipment for your dog.

Food & Water

Get a food and water bowl each. You can calmly take the size you need later for the adult dog. Only: The puppy should be able to drink and eat comfortably from it. Choose easy-to-clean, sturdy material such as. B stainless steel. A non-slip pad prevents wild back-and-forth pushing and protects your floor from water and food residues.

Get at least a small supply of suitable puppy food. If you feed for the time being, what the puppy knows e.B. from the breeder, the transition to the new home is easier.

On a leash, ready–go

Of course, the puppy equipment includes a collar or harness. For the forays in the fresh air with your little rascal, you prefer to choose a well-fitting harness instead of a collar. The pressure distribution is more even and can thus help to learn the leash handling.

Attention: The dishes must grow with you or you have to change to the next size in time so that nothing pinches.

Then, of course, a leash is part of the initial equipment for dogs. Also helpful are reflectors and/or light collars for walking in the dark and for short-haired dogs a jacket for the cold season.

A possible purchase is a treat bag for on the go. It can make it easier to practice commands outdoors.

Harness or collar for the dog?

Is a dog harness now the right thing for my four-legged friend or rather a collar? What material should it be made of? And how do I find out the right size? In this video, we give you help and tips about harnesses and collars for dogs and show you the advantages and disadvantages!

Rest & Sleep

Like all babies, puppies need a lot of sleep. After a wild brawl and the exploration of new toys, it may be that the puppy suddenly logs off and lies down. Then he is happy about a soft dog bed in a quiet place. Of course, you can browse with us and find a nice basket or a cuddly dog pillow! You should always make sure that it is an insensitive upper material and that e.B the pillow can be washed well.

Fun & Games

Toys for the puppy stimulate his senses and serve as a cuddle or nibble fun. Of course, everything has to be puppy-friendly. Small dogs are impetuous and should never be left alone with toys and bones. From intelligence toys to chewing bones to balls, there are several ways to keep puppies busy.

Health & Care

Puppies love physical contact and enjoy it when you stroke their fur and keep it clean with a soft brush. These touches are very important for your bonding. If the brush is not enough, there are gentle dog shampoos with which you can wash your darling.

Throughout the year, regular treatment against external and internal parasites is an essential part of it. This is how you protect your four-legged friend from ticks, fleas, or worms – and yourself at the same time. Not all parasites are picky when it comes to their host. In addition, e.B ticks can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease or babesiosis. Protection against parasites also protects against these diseases.

Get a small medicine chest so you can provide first aid in an emergency. Your veterinarian will be happy to advise you! Anyway: Right at the beginning, find a veterinarian you trust. So you know in an emergency, who you can turn to and there the regular vaccinations can be made.

Apartment & Garden

If you do not want your dog to use all areas of the house or apartment, e.B a stair gate can be part of your individual initial equipment for the dog. As a rule, this can be removed after some time thanks to education. Check your garden if necessary. on poisonous plants or the fence on tightness, if your new roommate should enjoy freewheel there.

The Legal

As a new dog owner, there are also a few things to do: The municipality requires a dog tag that proves that you have paid the dog tax. In addition, she wants clean sidewalks and sometimes collects high fines. That’s why poop bags are also part of the puppy starter package.

Security & Insurance

Already on his first trip, the safety of the puppy is the top priority! In a car box, which is fixed in the car, he is in good hands. dental care rate terrier in our stores and of course, in the online shop, you will also find seat belts and dividers that prevent your curious world explorer from climbing into the driver’s area.

Are you traveling by public transport? Then you may need a muzzle, this varies depending on where you live. If, on the other hand, your four-legged friend should be on the bike, you need a correspondingly stable basket that is suitable in size for your dog.

Especially in road traffic, dogs can become a danger if they are thrown through the car during emergency braking or run uncontrollably across the road and cause an accident. But it is also enough if they stain the expensive oriental carpet with friends because even the smallest mishap can be expensive. For damage caused by your dog, you should therefore take out dog liability insurance with sufficient coverage. Depending on the federal state, this insurance cover is even legally mandatory for all dog owners.

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