Pros and Cons of staying in a PG accommodation in Bangalore

PG accommodation has rapidly gained importance in recent times. The cities have now rapidly grown out of their boundaries, making it highly convenient for transport or doing business across borders. People from different cities can quickly move to any town without worrying about the settlement. With endless well-known universities and colleges in Bangalore, students can now freely travel and pursue their careers while staying comfortably in a PG accommodation.

In recent years, the PG culture has become extremely popular with working professionals, students, and even entrepreneurs looking to expand their business in new cities.

Let’s say someone is setting up a new business in the Whitefield area, bangalore, it is as simple as searching pg in whitefield, and one gets endless results with details about the rents and features.

PG accommodation has become a perfect choice for professionals and students moving from one city to another.

This option is most pocket-friendly and viable, making it highly flexible for individuals. The Agreement terms are so easy and smooth that one can work on the conditions and then move to ready to move in space which they can call home away from home.

Moving to a PG accommodation comes with many advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss the major ones here that would make your paying guest accommodation selection more manageable and more effective.


  1. Cheaper option: Compared to the other real estate options like renting a flat or house, living in a PG is far more economical. The rents start from as little as Rs. 5000 monthly, including at least two meals a day.
  2. Pre Deposit: The deposits in the case of PG accommodations are minimal, and in some instances, the PG accommodations don’t even require one.
  3. Basic amenities: Most PGs nowadays provide all the basic amenities like CCTV security, guard facility, washing machines, TV, water purifiers, and in some of the good ones, even a designated parking space to park your vehicles safely.
  4. Networking: It is pretty interesting to know that nowadays, job seekers deliberately choose PG accommodations as the chances of meeting fellow job hunters are very high. This new network can help them with information about walk-ins and openings in the market.
  5. Food:The essential thing for which all of us run and work hard is good food. In the case of PG, one gets security that no matter what the circumstance is, by the month’s end, one would get food. Also, there is the hassle of cleaning, cooking, and even buying groceries, which saves time and a lot of money.
  6. Availability: In a city like Bangalore that sees thousands and thousands of new people coming in every day, PGs are placed in every corner of the city, and the chances of getting a good PG at a reasonable price and with good facilities is pretty high.

Like every other thing in life, this too has its share of disadvantages that cannot be ignored and need a mention. These disadvantages are as under:

  1. Restricted freedom: Okay, so let’s put this straight a lot of PGs would not allow having friends over for the night. Or smoking cigarettes or even drinks on the premises, which could be a concern for some.
  2. Roommates: One of the most dreaded nightmares in selecting a PG is to choose. With one that has a troublemaker living in it. In the case of PG, one is entirely unknown to the person they would be sharing the room with. And you could only pray to find a decent partner else, your stay in the PG would become a nightmare.
  3. Cooking: You would get pre-cooked food in many PGs, but the chances of you being allowed to cook are scarce. This happens in sporadic cases where the landlords are chill. And allow their tenants to cook and use personal utensils in the kitchen.
  4. Parties: This one is a complete no-no when it comes to PGs. The chances are high that you could bring in 2-3 friends over, but having an entire party with your gang. Also, playing loud music would be a complete no for this form of accommodation.
  5. Hygiene: Not all PG accommodations you look for would have the same level of hygiene. Some PGs may be cleaner than the others, and some may be worse. One cannot expect expert cleaning and quality when it comes to PGs, but, that says. Moreover, A few excellent and famous ones offer daily cleaning as well.

As discussed above, these are some of the most known advantages and disadvantages to staying in paying guest accommodation. With the fast-growing online retail market, all you have to do is look for a great option of pg near whitefieldbangalore or any other part of the city close to your work area.

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