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Comprehensive Checklist Before You Relocate to Dubai

Even though Dubai offers so many benefits to ex-pats, there are still some things to take into consideration before you pack your bags and make the move to the emirate. Living in Dubai has its pros and cons, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive checklist of things to do before you relocate to Dubai. Once you move, you’ll be happy that you took the time to prepare we also recommend Movers in Dubai Marina when relocating to Dubai.

Things To Do Before Moving Abroad

International Moving can be stressful but Professional Movers in Dubai can be helpful for stress-free moving in Dubai. These tips will help you take some of that stress away. Having to move out of your home or apartment in a foreign country can be difficult enough as it is, but having to do it all by yourself can make things even more stressful. Make sure you have everything in order before you start packing so you don’t have any surprises along the way.

All your paperwork and documents should be collected beforehand and double-checked for accuracy, including bank accounts and credit cards, passports, vehicle titles and registration papers, social security cards, green cards, etc. This step is vital because if there are mistakes on your papers, it could delay your moving process considerably. After gathering all of these important documents together, make copies and keep them in a safe place (preferably not with you). If possible get someone else to hold onto them for you too; just in case something happens to your copies while moving overseas.

Mistakes When Moving Abroad

This checklist will help you prepare for life in Dubai. Moving abroad is exciting, but it’s also difficult. You can expect a lot of challenges that could have been avoided if you knew about them beforehand. Don’t make these common mistakes when moving abroad: *Not contacting your local embassy *Not getting vaccinations before traveling *Not researching health-care options available *Moving to a new country without a job lined up and money saved for living expenses *Ignoring any government restrictions or agreements that might exist between your home country and your new one *Failing to register with immigration services *Failing to register your car or obtain an international driver’s license (if necessary) *Not being aware of cultural differences *Not learning enough Arabic before moving there *Forgetting to get a UAE bank account set up ahead of time *Forgetting to bring important items like prescriptions, passport copies, birth certificates, etc.

Places Where You Can Save Money

While living in Dubai can be expensive, there are also several places you can save some money. These include things like monthly rents, utilities, and phone bills. Additionally, if you’re an ex-pat in Dubai with a Western passport and are planning on staying for several years, it might be worthwhile looking into buying property. While rent prices vary from place to place in most other popular cities around the world, annual rent payments often represent half or more of a person’s income – but that isn’t always true of places like Doha and Dubai. Buying a house or apartment (especially if it’s second-hand) will generally allow you to pay less every month than renting a comparable property would cost. However, keep in mind that as soon as you own real estate in Dubai or Qatar, you’ll need to pay taxes on your home.

This means that even though your monthly rent payments may be lower than they would be elsewhere. Your overall costs could end up being higher once taxes are factored in. That said, if you plan on staying put for a while and don’t mind paying extra each year, owning is still probably going to be cheaper in the long run. And since homeownership tends to give people a greater sense of belonging. It can also make moving back home at some point in the future easier. If you want to buy property abroad, I suggest reading through my guide to international homeownership. There’s also plenty of information about specific countries scattered throughout. Just because I’m talking about homes doesn’t mean that’s all I cover.

Things Nobody Tells You About Living in an Arabic Country

Even if you have lived in such countries before, there are still new challenges that await you. Maybe your kids will be fine with an Islamic school or maybe they won’t. Maybe your husband will get along with his colleagues at work or maybe he won’t. But here is a good checklist of things nobody tells you about living in an Arabic country. Make sure to discuss them all before leaving. When you mention you’re moving abroad. I’d say we’re just as lucky as those who move from one country to another inside their borders (Germany-to-Germany, USA-to-USA). The reason why people call us lucky is that it’s more exciting and adventurous.

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