Make your office celebrations extra special with these cakes

Celebrating a work partner’s or employee’s birthday is a great reason to have some time off, have some good times, and enjoy a cake cut. Birthdays and special occasions unite individuals, and it should be no special case at work! It isn’t simply one more firm corporate occasion. Keep it light and relaxed, so it’s something the entire office can anticipate. Here are some office celebrations online cakes delivery ideas and tips to send cake online or to assist you with celebrating at work.

Chocolate Truffle Cream Cakes

It is an exemplary cake that never becomes out of style. A layered, thick, soggy chocolate cake arrives at excellence with silky chocolate truffle frosting. Further cherries or a few slices of fruits are utilized to enrich this cake. You can also settle on the chocolate truffle cream cake accessible in heart shapes if it is your colleague’s birthday.

Pineapple Cake

Plain, basic, and with less sweet content – a pineapple cake helps remember the simple things throughout everyday life. If you know a very rational and simple somebody, a pineapple cake is the ideal birthday treat for that individual.


Searching for a rich and exemplary treat loaded with velvety flavors? If yes, you can go for cheesecakes. Cheesecake is made with a base of squashed treats, crackers, or crunchy grams, finished off with a thick layer of cream in various flavors. The best thing about cheesecake is that you can modify it as you would prefer.

Pound Cakes

As the name proposes, Pound cake is made with a pound of all the fixings: flour, margarine, sugar, Etc. The surface of this send online cake is thick and doesn’t fluff while baking. Dry cake lovers love slobbering over a pound cake.

Sprinkle Heart Cake

A basic glazed cake with sprinkles looking like a heart. You will not believe how simple this one is to make! This cake is utilized with white cakes, or on the other hand, you could utilize yellow cakes.

Truffle cake

Each thick, soggy, rich, smooth chocolate cake can’t be a truffle; however, every truffle is chocolaty, enormously enticing, and brilliant. Each layer of chocolate truffle lets your taste bud plunge into its scrumptiousness. Specific flavors include almond, choco-chip, five stars, and any flavor you think impeccably suits your prerequisites. Without hanging tight briefly, more purchase/send your cake and amaze your office colleagues with yumminess.

Coffee cakes

If you are thinking about any exquisite choice that looks great and practical for an office event or any event, a Coffee cake is an ideal choice for your birthday. As this cake isn’t that sweet, you can change how much coffee to utilize, making your colleague appreciate this flavor more, so you can most likely take the plunge!

Chocolate caramel

Counting chocolate, caramel, cream, sugars, and other stuff. This sort of flavor is generally normal and is adore by everyone. This blend of chocolate and caramel is basic yet exquisite and made with the best of bakers. This flavor has been fruitful and has been knowledgeable about baking.

Red Velvet

The name of the actual cake proposes a passion and love generally only in one flavor. It is the flavor you can order online for specific occasions for the office, like an office anniversary or birthday. Also it shows appreciation for your colleagues. It is believed that this cake had beetroot juice added to it back in the days to improve its color.

Dark Chocolate cakes

It is the ideal choice for office celebrations, as most of them love dark chocolates. You can personalize the online cake order or cake delivery in Bangalore in any shape you need, and you should attempt varieties since why not? Everyone loves to try various things, so ensure you incline toward a particular design with a similar flavor to make the cake stick out.

Creamy vanilla and white chocolate

Most of the time, people pick white chocolates over dark ones; subsequently, if you arrange a birthday celebration for a colleague, this choice will certainly work. You will find numerous choices for vanilla and white cocoa flavors, and presently you realize that personalization is also possible.

However, try to keep it as basic as possible because adults don’t like it extra. The cake accompanies the scrambles of chocolates, and the taste would be fantastic.

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