Leam Valley Footgolf in Kites Hardwick Near Rugby

If you love golf and want to try something new, check out Leam Valley Footgolf in Kites Hardwick near Rugby. The course offers golfing and football, and you can book it for birthdays, corporate events, weddings, and other events. If you want to play more than 18 holes, you can book a group session at the course. You can play the game with your friends and family, or even take a group lesson to improve your game. It is a pay and play facility, so it’s a fun activity to do.

Leam Valley Footgolf is a fun pastime

If you are looking for a unique and competitive pastime, then Footgolf may be the perfect activity for you. This sport combines golf and football into a single game where the object is to kick a football through a hole with the fewest kicks. Leam Valley Footgolf offers a variety of nine-hole and 18-hole courses for you to enjoy. There are various challenges on each course and you will never be bored playing Footgolf at this location.

You do not need to be an experienced soccer player to play FootGolf. Everyone can enjoy this fun family activity. FootGolf is suitable for all ages and can accommodate up to six people per team. One round of FootGolf takes about an hour and is suitable for all abilities. This is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends and family. You can also bring your dog if you wish, since it is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes.

It is located in Kites Hardwick near Rugby

Covered driving range is available for all-weather practice. There is also a small cafe on site. The 14-bay driving range is perfect for all-weather practice. The friendly staff are there to offer tips and advice on the sport. Alternatively, you can enjoy lunch at the on-site cafe. Located in Kites Hardwick near Rugby, Leam Valley Footgolf is worth the trip.

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Located in Kites Hardwick near Rugby, Leam Valley Footgolf is a unique golf experience that combines football and golf. You can choose from either a nine-hole course or an 18-hole course. The course features several obstacles and challenges. There are different levels of difficulty depending on the age group. Leam Valley Footgolf is open to all ages and abilities.

Located two miles south of Dunchurch, Kites Hardwick is a village in eastern Warwickshire. It is close to the Rangers’ Post and Valley House Farm. The course is 9 holes long, with nine different tees. This allows you to challenge yourself while honing your kicking skills. This is a great way to spend a day with friends or family.

It is a pay and play facility

It is possible to hire the footgolf course at Leam Valley Footgolf for private events, birthday parties, weddings, and other social gatherings. The footgolf course is located in Kites Hardwick, near Rugby. The cost to hire the facility is £9 per person. There is a clubhouse on site, and football is available to play with friends or family. There are also several rooms available for group bookings.

If you want to hire the facility, you can contact the venue directly, or use the website to make your booking. There are two ways to contact Leam Valley Footgolf. One is to visit their Facebook page, and the other is through email. The Facebook page is more up to date, so you can get information on the course’s availability. You can also view the course map on their website.

Important Things You Must Know:

Situated in Kites Hardwick close to Rugby, Footgolf Warwickshire has an ideal base.

Accessible on Saturday mornings as well as Sunday the entire day, you’ll find your ends of the week changed by this humming and famous new game. Footgolf is presented on the 9-opening (Par 3 and 4) course which runs close by the typical course. It is an easy to course to view at however offers a lot of degree to challenge yourself as well as improve and foster your kicking expertise.

Footballs are given so all you want do is turn up kitted out in reasonable shoes like mentors (not football boots or spikes) and a feeling of experience and you’ll be off learning the Footgolf way in a matter of moments. This is a splendid game for family or companions, youthful and old, golf players, footballers, and the people who could do without by the same token! You’ll have a good time and have a genuine pride toward the end.

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