Is sms marketing good for your business?

Using branded SMS to reach your target market is a powerful way to engage your customers and build a relationship. Consumers are increasingly receptive to branded marketing, and the benefits of SMS messaging can go beyond boosting sales. Studies show that 70 percent of consumers would be very likely to connect with a brand through SMS, while another 25 percent would consider it. Moreover, SMS marketing allows media companies to segment their audience based on their interests and past behavior. For example, Darling magazine, a women’s empowerment print magazine, uses SMS marketing to convey its brand’s mission. Recently, it sent subscribers a hopeful message to celebrate the full year of COVID-19. Subscribers also received free phone backgrounds. Digital gifts help build a relationship with your customers.


While the advantages of SMS marketing outweigh its disadvantages, some consumers may be put off by the intrusive nature of SMS messaging. This is why marketers must take certain precautions in order to maintain the effectiveness of their campaign. They must also comply with the law. To prevent this, they should always ensure that they follow all rules and regulations related to SMS marketing. Listed below are some tips on how to use SMS marketing to boost your brand image and sales.

Branded SMS and How it Works

When you’re looking for ways to increase your sales, one of the marketing tools you’ll want to consider is branded sms. Despite the fact that most marketers hate text messages, they don’t like their lack of conversions. Text message marketing is a powerful tool if you use it right. But if you’re not sure how it works, keep reading!

What is sms marketing?

While brands often use keywords to send SMS messages, there are also other ways to obtain a consumer’s consent to receive text messages. For example, a brand may allow consumers to opt-in at the point of sale by filling out a short form or keyword to short code. The recipient must then accept the text message before it will be sent. This ensures the recipient’s privacy and avoids abuse of the opt-in process.


While SMS messaging has the same character limit as email messages, it can have greater impact as it goes directly to the user’s phone. Additionally, the message’s intent is high, so a familiar brand is less likely to be ignored than a pushy message. Because of this, businesses should be careful to not overdo their SMS marketing campaigns. However, they should not overlook them, as they have just one chance to impress a user.



Types of digital marketing tools

There are a variety of different types of digital marketing tools for branded SMS. Many of these tools are integrated with other types of marketing, including email and website tracking. Other types of tools are used for specific purposes, such as building audience lists. A digital marketing via sms tool is most effective when it helps a company target its audience based on their actions on its website. This includes segmenting lists based on demographics, shopping history, and other information.


SimpleTexting is an affordable tool for sending mass text messages. It was launched as a marketing service in 2010 and quickly shifted gears to SMS marketing in 2011. Now, it powers the marketing efforts of thousands of businesses and allows users to import a list of contacts. The service offers vanity dedicated shortcodes as well as affordable shared shortcodes. Its powerful feature set makes it ideal for many types of use cases.


bulk sms is another way of marketing

Using branded bulk SMS for marketing your business has many benefits. It is an affordable way to reach a vast audience without breaking the bank. Bulk SMS allows you to customize the content of your messages according to your company objectives and customer demands. With branded bulk SMS, you can easily send out messages to as many customers as you want in just a few minutes. It is another way to communicate with your audience in a meaningful way.


If you are sending bulk SMS, make sure to choose a platform with a huge selection of mobile network providers. Then, your messages will benefit from competitive SMS rates. Messente offers a full messaging API with connections to over 800 mobile network providers in over 190 countries. Messente also has optimization tools that will help you improve the delivery of your messages. In addition to competitive SMS rates, Messente offers advanced features such as mobile-specific SMS readability and delivery optimization.



Using SMS to market your business has many benefits, but there are some things you should consider before you do so. While SMS is a cheap and easy way to get your brand name into the hands of your target audience, many consumers may consider it intrusive and prefer email over text. Fortunately, the vast majority of consumers are used to receiving texts from public and local services. The following tips will help you make the most of this communication tool.


The time of day that you send SMS had no effect on the rate of adoption. However, this factor could adversely affect your company or brand name. Men, people under 40, and people without higher education were more likely to respond positively to SMS marketing. The importance of trust and related information was also important, although perceived control had little effect on the adoption of SMS marketing. Moreover, personalization did not have any significant impact on the adoption of SMS marketing.

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