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Is Carpet the Right Choice for Your Floor?

The question of whether carpet is the right choice for your floor is one that is not easily answered. There are many advantages to carpet but you have to know the drawbacks as well. It is less expensive, safer, and more comfortable. That is why you need to research the different types and characteristics of different carpets. In addition to its durability and thermal resistance, Carpet in Dubai also provides comfort. It cushions falls and slides. Families with children should definitely opt for carpeting.

Less expensive

There are many less expensive options when it comes to carpet. While the best ones are still handmade, these carpets are not as durable as their more expensive counterparts. A machine-made carpet, for example, is not going to hold up to the foot traffic of a high-traffic room. Another less expensive option is hand-tufted carpets. Although hand-tufted carpets do not have the same level of luxury as custom-made carpets, they will still last for years.

If the carpets are to be used in low-traffic areas, the facilities executives should determine the expected life span. This is particularly important for building plans that involve tenant leases. With this information in hand, they can install cheaper carpets in these rooms, while applying the difference to a higher-grade carpet for the high-traffic areas. For more information on carpet prices, read on! Here are some reasons to buy less-expensive carpets:


A carpet is a good investment for many reasons. It makes your home feel warm and cozy, keeps your feet from freezing on a cold winter night, and reduces noise. There are many different types of carpet available, from the ultra-durable SmartStandTM fiber to polyester, which is known for its stain resistance and color clarity. It will not be necessary to replace your carpet every few years, and will look great for years.

The most obvious reason for installing carpet is for comfort. Most homes with hardwood floors have carpet in the bedroom. Carpet is less taxing on the joints than hardwood floors. It is also more comfortable to stand, sit, and recline on than hardwood. You can purchase thicker carpet padding to increase comfort and make it more comfortable. You can also use carpet for children’s rooms, which will increase the comfort of the entire family.


It is safer to install carpets on floors rather than on the ground. The first step is to determine where the carpet is going to go. Make sure the area will be covered with carpet and then measure the size of the room. Once you have an idea of how much carpet will be needed, you can begin the installation process. Once the carpet is cut, the seam will be visible. It is best to avoid seams where there is heavy foot traffic or near windows. Also, make sure you place the seams where they will not be caught on shoes.

Another way to make sure that the carpet you install will fit the room is to clean the hardwood floor thoroughly. This will prevent fungus growth and wood illness. The carpet may also harbor mold, which is dangerous. Fungus growth feeds on dirt, which will cause wood deterioration and illnesses. Cleaning the floor before installing the carpet will keep it looking as good as new. If you do not have time to clean your floors before installing carpet, it is possible to hire someone else to install the carpet.

More durable

The primary reason for people to install carpets in their homes is the comfort it offers. Even homes with hardwood floors usually have a carpet in their bedrooms. People love carpets because they are more comfortable to walk on and less stressful on their joints than hard floors. People can stand on carpets for longer periods of time without experiencing foot or joint pain. If you have a hard floor, consider purchasing thicker padding for the carpet.

Wall-to-wall carpeting has many benefits. Aside from being more comfortable, wall-to-wall carpeting adds to the look and feel of a room. Carpeting is also a natural insulator, preventing air from escaping and absorbing sound. It also helps prevent falls and slips. Its softness, elasticity, and durability make it an ideal choice for bedrooms.

Better for allergy sufferers

Carpeting has a lot to offer those with allergies. Besides being moisture-retaining, carpets are a favorite home of dust mites, mold, mildew, pollen, and pet dander. These allergens are attracted to the fibers of carpets because they are able to get into the air. When these allergens settle in the carpet, they can wreak havoc on your allergies.

However, choosing the wrong type of flooring for your home can lead to health problems later on. If you have allergies, check with a flooring contractor before deciding on a floor covering. He or she will know which products are better for people with allergies. And if you are not sure, complete a free consultation with the contractor before settling on a floor covering. If you have multiple allergies, make sure to ask about VOC content.


Aside from enhancing the interior beauty of a room, carpets also provide comfort and thermal resistance. They keep warm air longer in cold season. They also cushion falls and slide. Moreover, carpets are affordable, and you can do it yourself at a fraction of the cost of hardwood floors. In fact, some experts even recommend installing carpets on wooden floors, but you need to do some research to choose the right type for your home.

The installation of carpets costs an average of $1,600 and most contractors charge between $700 and $2,500. Labor costs $0.50 per square foot, while additional services like padding and installation add another fifty cents to a dollar. In addition, carpet installation is much easier than hardwood flooring. The price of carpet depends on the pile type, fibers and square footage. For a 12′ by 12′ space, it can cost between $150 and $1,500.

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