How to repair a printer not responding to an error?

printer not responding to an error

Every businessperson and every home user needs a printer. To print hard copies of important documents, you will need a printer. A printer can be used at home to print notes and project paper. You can print high-quality photographs with inkjet printers. Multifunctional printers are available in new model. They can be used to scan documents or send faxes. These printers can be configured with any device. The printer can be connected to the shared network from anywhere, including your home. Once connected, you can add the printer to the network from any device on the network. Although these printers are durable, there may be some issues with printing. Printers that printer not responding to an error to user commands are a common problem. The printer will not respond to a print command you send. This error could be caused by hardware or software issues.Otherwise you can also visit printer repair dubai. 

Reasons why printers are not responding

  1. The printer is not connected
  2. Some files in the printer aren’t working
  3. Printer services get stuck
  4. Paper jam
  5. Your printer cannot find the driver you need
  6. The printer settings are invalid
  7. The printer is connected with another network
  8. The firewall is interfering with the printer connection
  9. Your print command is corrupted

Fixing printer not responding error Start the printer device

If Your printer isn’t responding Mac, then it’s worth trying to restart it. When the printer’s services stop working, it can display errors. These services could cause runtime errors. To run these services, you will need to restart your printer. Turn the printer on. Wait for approximately 5 seconds before you take out the power cable. Now, reconnect the power cable to your printer. All services will now start from the beginning. Connect the printer to your computer, and print the documents.

A printer troubleshooter can be run.

You can run a printer troubleshooter if you have connected your printer to a computer. If some printer files aren’t working, the error message will appear. Click on Update and Security to open your printer. Click on the Troubleshooter option. Now select the Printer option to run the troubleshooter.

This tool will search for all files related to printers. This utility tool will repair any corrupted files. The troubleshooter tool may take some time to fix the files. The screen will display a wizard. The printer will begin working if it is in a fixed state. If the troubleshooter cannot fix the problem, click the Read More button. This will display the reason for your printer error.

Connect the printer to your computer

The printer may also need to be reconnect in order to fix the problem. Check the connection by going to the printer. You are using a cable to connect to the printer. You should remove the cable from both devices. Check the cable for damage or kinks. Connect another device to the cable. If the cable is damage, you can get a replacement cable. Use a high speed cable for your printer.

If the printer is connect wirelessly, check that both devices have Wi-Fi connectivity. To check the router’s network connection, Turn on the router, then press the Wi-Fi button to turn it on. You can check the screen for network SSIDs. Click the OK button to select the correct SSID. Check for any errors after reconnecting the printer.

Verify the driver for the system

Printers can respond incorrectly if there are driver issues. If your printer does not have a driver, it will not listen to the printer’s command. Your printer won’t be able to send the job if it doesn’t have the right driver. The driver or software acts as a communication link between your printer and your computer. Open the drivers folder on the printer and search for the driver. Open the browser to find the driver.

Install the driver correctly and download the appropriate driver. Now restart the computer to send a print job. The printer will begin searching for the driver. The printer will respond to your commands once it has found the driver. You should upgrade your printer driver if it is out of date. You should install the most recent version of your printer driver. If the driver becomes corrupted, you can reinstall the driver and then use your printer.

Reset your printer to factory settings

You can revert printer settings if the printer isn’t responding after you have made changes. Most users forget their initial settings. You can reset these settings instead of trying to change them. Many printers include a reset button. For the reset button, look at the back of your printer .

The reset button is located on the printer’s back. Press it to reset your printer to factory settings within a few settings. If your printer does not have a physical reset button, please check the settings. Click on the Reset option in the menu. Tap on the Reset All button and then click on the confirm button. You will need to reconfigure your printer to a PC after you’ve reset the printer device to factory settings.

Temporarily disable the firewall

Sometimes, the firewall can cause a printer not responding error. This error usually occur when the printer is connect with the network. The firewall will inspect all traffic coming into the network. The firewall might decline a connection request sent by your printer. This happen when the firewall incorrectly consider the request to be malicious. You can add a personal computer to the trusted device list.

The firewall will not inspect the device after you have added it. The firewall can be temporarily disable. You can disable the firewall temporarily by going to its setting. The printer will now be able to connect directly to the network. Once the printer is connect, it will begin respond and printing out document.

Make sure you have printed the command

If you send an invalid print request, your printer will not respond. This happens when malware is on your system. A virus can corrupt the print command, so that the printer cannot read it. It is a good idea to run a system scan of the device. You can take printouts after you have removed the malware.

So should also check whether the file/document is printable. You may need to ask the administrator for permission to print the file if the file is secure. Make sure that you save the file with the correct extension or format.

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