How to Find MVP Developers for Startups

Minimum Viable Product whose short name is MVP is a product that is suitably feasible at the primary possible stage of development. It is the repetition of the final product with the least amount set of attributes. This can be utilized to gain precious insights into the product before finishing the complete project or auditioning the company plan.

You will feel very excited when you will convert an idea into an actual product. You will face different iterations of your plan by talking over it with your family, friends, colleagues, and target groups, for the assurance that whatever you are thinking will make sense and be beneficial for an actual product.

If your product idea has been finalized then you have the best idea that fulfills an underserved requirement, then you will have to search that how to make this product. If your product is related to the software field and you are a developer, So first of all you can work by yourself to design an MVP which is also known as the working first version of your prototype.

Reason for an MVP

The major target to design an MVP is to launch a product promptly which will be based on a reputable idea, with minimal expense. The solutions of MVP development permit organizations to collect users’ perceptions or feedback for the initial product and can contain it in future iterations. With the support of MVP, any person can find the properly targeted audience; work on the ideas based on experience, as well as he can save precious time.

Lots of startups fail just because they run out of cash flow but the startups that scale accurately to MVP can grow 20 times faster compared to those that scale too early. As a result, new product development procedures may be fruitful for the companies. Although, some more major reasons that make the MVP product development necessary for the companies are given below:

  • If you are creating a primary model that offers an initial point for discussions and provides clear visual points of reference.
  • Organizing primary idea approval which contains sharing the model with some possibilities as well as testing it with authentic users. This will support the business in understanding the problems that may become clear with the product.
  • To initiate the development procedure after months of enhancing and refining the software idea is a major as well as motivating step toward developing a qualified product.

For example, if you are developing a mobile app then the business needs to understand that the complete idea of making an MVP is divided into two main sections:

Business and Marketing: The MVP permits the company to launch a survey to recognize the best marketing methods as well as advertising platforms for the betterment of the final product.

Proof of Concept: With the help of MVP, the Organization will get significant technical insights from essential programming and make a minimum feature set that will support them to create their app uniquely.

Two Best Ways to Hire MVP developer for your idea

If you do not belong from a technical background and need support to make your product, you can take the next step towards converting your plan into a product by looking for the correct MVP development service team to design it for you. There are two ways through which you can find the best developer:

Find and appoint your MVP app development talents

If you have a sufficient budget or funds then this option will be best for you. There are lots of MVP app development teams are available in almost every area. You just have to keep in mind that you need a project manager, testers, designers, backend and frontend developers, rental space as well as other resources to operate a full-fledged work atmosphere. 

If you are thinking of a remote-work situation given the pandemic then it will be essential for you to set up an IT infrastructure that can help remote working along with a way to manage a functional work situation for your employees. This is the best way to find the correct development team that is capable to work with your preferred MVP technology stack.

Outsource your development to a skilled MVP development organization

If you are a first-generation entrepreneur then Outsourcing app development may be the best option for you. The experienced MVP development organizations already contain all the infrastructure, workforce as well as rules and processes set at their end. You have to schedule your time to meet with them for the initialization of your development needs. These organizations can support you to launch your product quickly in the market.

Major Advantages of MVP Development

The process of MVP always focuses on learning in the development stage, rather than using all resources and moving towards a big-bang launch. When an MVP is made life for the customer, it makes them unable to identify the expectations in the project in emerging stages of development as well as to conclude the business sense in the assumptions and overcome the risk factor. Some of the major advantages of MVP are given below:

It can be utilized to pitch a business idea or market it

The MVP can be utilized to present the significance and abilities of a project. It can be done for all the stakeholders who are involved in the project. The organizations can present their business strategy to investors. Correspondingly, MVP can also be utilized as a part of the marketing approach.

The MVP can overcome the risk and can save the cost

The biggest advantage of MVP is that it can save working capital being squandered away by keeping the important data before the product is finalized, marketed, as well as launched in the market.

MVP aids in better planning

MVP permits the company to focus on a target before the project is finalized. This supports dividing the development of the project into two sections. This advertisement is in the design of the project from the business viewpoint as well.

It supports to develop of a customer-centric product

At the time of the initial stage to get the feedback should also be the business prioritizes as well as it is essential from the customer’s point of view. This will support the creation of a project that is client-friendly.

It keeps you updated with the latest market trends

The needs of the product may vary from the time you imagine the project to the time to launch the final product on the market. This is beneficial specifically for dynamic markets where the competition is hard. MVP can provide you that significant feedback about the latest and previously unexpected developments in the market.

MVP reveals the way forward

The information collected can show which path is best for the development of the product for the organization. In addition, if required then the data can also support the business to change its business model.

How to Develop a Minimum Viable Product?

In the modern world, lots of startups design a free sub-domain website without any logical content and represent it as a great initiative but when it fails to attract customers so they easily call it a failed MVP and start seeking a solution to the so-called MVP issues but the real issue here is the lack of understanding about the steps involved in MVP development. It is essential to follow all the procedures to develop an MVP successfully:

Step 1: You should start with market research

Before starting working on the idea and initiating an MVP Development process, it must ensure that it fulfilling the target users’ requirements or not. This can be done by conducting surveys between the users. More data can raise the chance of success for any business. You have also to keep your eyes on the competitor’s offers as well as what they are providing.

Step 2: Include the Value Addition is essential

What does your latest product offer to its consumers? How can it give benefit them? Why would they purchase your product? The answers to all these questions can support the description of the app’s value plan.

After the implementation of MVP, the product has to set up value for the users in its initial stage. You have to start by outlining the consumers as well as design the MVP according to their requirements.

Step 3: Map Out the consumer’s Flow

The development procedure is very important in the MVP stage. Therefore, you must design the app in a convenient way for the users. The company should look at the app from the consumer’s point of view, Beginning from opening the application to the finalization procedures like making a purchase or delivery. Moreover, user flow is essential because it makes sure nothing will be missed while keeping the future product as well as consumer happiness in mind.

The user flow is important to identify the process steps. It is important to describe the steps required to reach the main target. The focus must be on fundamental tasks such as purchasing and finding the product or managing and getting the orders rather than attributes.

Step 4: You should Categorize MVP Features

The Categorization of all the attributes is important that the MVP will support. You can ask questions for prioritization such as: What do the consumers want? Is this product providing them something special advantage?

After that, you have to categorize all the remaining MVP features which are based on top priority, medium priority, as well as low priority. Another important stage is to organize all these features in the product backlog (priority-wise). Now is the correct time to start building an MVP. If a company wants to know how its future product will look, it can make an MVP prototype.

Step 5: Launch MVP

Once the major feature is decided and you have recognized the market needs, it’s the right time to launch the MVP. One thing you have to keep in mind is that an MVP is not poor quality as a final product but still requires satisfying the client’s needs. That’s why, it must be simple to use, engaging, as well as appropriate for the users.

Step 6: You have to follow Exercise ‘B.M.L.’ — Build, Measure, Learn

All of these are the part of steps: firstly you have to describe the scope of work and then shift the product into the development stage. After the product development stage product testing is a must. The first testing should be done by Quality Assurance engineers who are capable to improve the product’s quality.

After launching the MVP, the organization must get feedback from its customers on the launch. They can identify the receiving and competitiveness of their products in the market based on their comments.

What’s after an MVP?

You should test the functionality after MVP and acceptance by driving user traffic to it. The target is to fruitfully changeover from your MVP to a Minimum Marketable Product as fast as possible.

What is the key component of an MVP?

The major factor of an MVP is receiving traffic to your product to know if the pure version is liked as well as to adjust for the attributes that are not liked. Without that, you will not be able to continue the procedure of developing an MVP.


The MVP is one of the most accepted options worldwide when it comes to testing a product plan as fast as possible. Once you developed your MVP so after that you have to drive traffic towards it and asking for feedback from the clients is the next logical step. you can make your product even better according to the customer’s feedback. 

Once you are capable to prove too early to users and influencers that your product is beneficial for them then they will support your evangelizing as well as get more users. And your startup idea may become the next Facebook if you keep testing your plans until you see the one that sticks. Groovy Web is the MVP development company that you can choose for proficient services. 

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