Best Torrent Webistes to Download Anime Free

If you are looking to download free anime, there are several torrent websites that you can use. The first is the Pirate Bay, which is a very easy-to-use torrent website.

It has an extensive database, but there’s no specific anime category. Just search for the anime title you want to download. You can find almost any episode of anime there. This article will discuss the most popular torrent websites for downloading free anime.

Torrent Webistes to Download Anime

1 Anima Free

Among the Best Torrent Websites to Download, Anima Free is Embedded Torrent. This site is well-organized and has a tabular interface. Anime-related torrents are regularly uploaded to this website, so you can always find the latest episodes of your favorite anime.

Its high number of seeders means it has a good download speed. Alternatively, you can also try 9 Anime, which isn’t actually a torrent site, but rather a streaming service that works on mobile phones.

2 SubsPlease

Another great site to download anime is SubsPlease. This website features a schedule of the anime that you can download. It is similar to HorribleSubs, but it’s not a torrent aggregator. Instead, it downloads anime from other legal streaming websites, without the annoying ads. You can also use the search engine TorrentSeeker to find anime torrents and watch them online.

3 AniRena

AniRena is another good option. It lists anime titles based on their seeders and leechers. There are no accounts needed to search the list of anime torrents.

It has a dedicated section for non-English anime. Both sites also have sections for other types of animes, including manga and audio. Both of these sites have huge libraries of high-quality anime and manga.

4 AnimeToshokan

If you’re looking for free downloadable anime, you should try AnimeToshokan. This popular torrent website has been online since 2005 and features an attractive UI that allows for quick and easy searching of anime content. The website’s interface includes tabular sections that allow you to sort by genre, year of release, director, and resolution. It’s also the easiest site to download media from East Asia.

AnimeToshokan has a very simple and self-explanatory interface, and users can browse the site in various styles. To find anime, users can search for the title they want to download and browse the torrent files by file size and update time. Users can filter their results by trusted content by selecting a trusted source. They can choose to see only original, non-English shows or only the most recent updates.

Besides AnimeToshokan, you can also find other torrent sites that host anime. One of these is AnimeToshokan, which has a massive library and is popular in the anime community. This site is especially popular for Japanese anime, as it has a wide selection of anime titles. However, because of its private nature, AnimeToshokan is blocked by many ISPs, but users can get in by using a VPN.

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5 Anime Layer

If you’re looking for a free way to download anime, then AnimeLayer is your best bet. It has an enormous database with a search option for each title, along with links to watch the anime in a variety of video quality settings. You can also see how many seasons or episodes are available for each title. This site is available worldwide but is blocked in some countries.

6 Shana Project

Another good torrent site for anime is Shana Project. This site is among the oldest around and has an active community of anime fans. It’s easy to use and has a massive collection of anime titles. AnimeLayer is also available in Russian, but it’s not a torrent site in the strict sense of the word. Unlike most torrent sites, this site allows people to download anime free of charge without a lot of hassle.


Anime Layer is a Russian site that has a slick UI and is a great way to find free anime to watch. Each torrent listing contains a picture and a complete description. This site is very popular with anime lovers, and also has a discussion forum for fans to discuss different episodes and the show itself.

The content is regularly updated, which means you can expect plenty of fresh torrents on AnimeLayer. All you need to do is register and you’re good to go.

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