5 Best Cities in Pakistan for Relocation or Visit

Recently during the rule of PTI, tourism became a primary concern. Steps were initiated to attract people to visit the northern areas. Even the remote areas like Skardu that were hardly accessible, are now easy to reach with the launch of the new airport. It’s an exciting notion surely. 

However, locals were most excited about the improvements made in housing schemes. Travelers will come and go as they will. But people living in smaller towns are now moving more actively to bigger cities in southern and upper Punjab. 

Whether you want to travel or are interested in relocating to a new city, you want to do either thing safely. We have highlighted some of the popular cities that can make up a perfect choice for traveling and relocation

1- Bahawalpur 

For many, it is not their first choice to visit. A city in southern Punjab is easy to overlook. But there are incredible views that leave you awestruck. Located close to the Indian border, it is also one of the largest cities in southern Punjab. 

Surely, DHA in Bahawalpur along Satellite Town Model Town is a few of the major attractions if you want to visit it. Talk about the amenities and latest facilities – they’ve got it all! Besides that let’s not forget the rustic charm of the other popular landmarks too like Noor Mahal. Darbar Mahal, Gulzar Mahal, Sadiq Garh Palace, and especially the Walled City a.k.a Old Bazaar. So if you were to visit DHA in Bahawalpur, a little sightseeing will do you good.

2- Multan 

Popular as the City of Saints, you will find several mausoleums. It’s not a big surprise as most Sufi Saints resided in the city. However, Multan is known for its unique architecture, history, and parks. 

Plus, an addition to the city development can be seen in the shape of the Metro line and real estate projects. While sightseeing the city, do visit DHA Multan, Royal Orchard, or other recent housing schemes. Any one of them may catch your eye. A lot of people from smaller surrounding areas like Mailsi are intrigued by the idea of living in an urban city. This might just be the easiest location for them! 

3- Peshawar 

The capital city of KPK province is one of the oldest cities in South Asia. It is most popular for its food and tourism. 

If you feel Peshawar may not be the right choice for relocation you can still get a lot out of its savory menu and visiting landmarks. 

From chapli kabab, namak mandi karahi to mantu and aushak you will fall in love with the intriguing dishes. If you are a hiker you can go hiking in the mountains too in summer. 

4- Lahore 

The capital city of Punjab is the second-largest city in Pakistan. It is the main cultural hub too because of which the population is hugely diverse. Since the city is so population-centric, you will not have a hard time finding the right house to rent or buy. However, you need to keep an eye out for the prices because of a spike in demand. 

Besides, even if housing schemes in Lahore are out of your budget, you may enjoy the local street food, a tour of Old Lahore and Liberty Market, and visit the best savory spots in the city. 

There’s a lot to do when it comes to Lahore. Food, shopping, and entertainment are the main keys to socializing within this city. Whether you want to watch a movie or enjoy Karting, you can easily find the spots to enjoy either choice. 

5- Karachi 

The biggest city in Pakistan is also known as the City of Lights. A city that never sleeps – that’s what people say about the former capital city. 

One of the major downsides of relocating to Karachi is the immense population. The city is densely populated (even more so than Lahore) which makes it difficult to move around the city. But if you love the coastal vibes, Karachi will not disappoint you. Take a walk near Hawksbay Area and you will find some of the most amazing properties on the sidelines of the Arabian shore. 

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

Before relocating to any of these cities, you must visit them priorly to get a sense of how things work there. It helps you to estimate costs for the future move too. So what are you waiting for? Let us know which city you would like to move to and why.

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