Why do Vertu phones cost so much more than the rest?

Since its inception in 1998 as a small sub-brand of Nokia’s mobile phone division, Vertu phones has grown into a major worldwide player. The Signature line of Vertu cellphones was introduced in 2002 and became the company’s first major product offering. The Signature phone runs on Android and has a restricted range of features. This basic 2002 Signature model has been given a luxurious makeover with pricey leather and gem-encrusted accessories to make it seem to be more expensive.

Vertu advertises that its phones are “Handmade in England,” and they keep their word. A premium symbol of the brand, each smartphone is made completely by hand at the company’s facility in California, USA. Just outside the lovely village of Church Crookham in Hampshire, England (about 40 miles west of London), sits Vertu’s tiny factory.

By keeping a tight check on the designers, Vertu President Alberto Torres ensures that the company’s sleek and well-appointed phones are in keeping with Ferrari and Bentley’s technology and look. Its overall design is overseen by Hutch Hutchison, the department’s head designer. There’s even a Vertu-themed museum on the property.

Every detail was crafted by hand by the best artisans in the industry rather than by the designers themselves. In other words, it’s not an exact replica of the prior model.

Among Vertu’s many collections are the Aster, the Bentley, and a customer-tailored personal collection. The Signature Collection is still the starting point for the development of innovative and fascinating design phones. There are two vertu price in India – 6,000 for their entry-level model and 88,000 for their most costly model.

As well as high-end smartphones, Vertu also creates high-end autos that mirror the company’s mobile phone look. Concierge services are only one of the many extras that Vertu offers its customers. In addition, the company offers perks such as invitations to VIP events and discounts on luxury goods like private planes.

To begin, the most expensive phone in the world will have numerous remarkable features. The most prominent of which are as follows:

  • Reliability and long-term viability 

Sapphire polycrystals on the screen protect the gadget from scratches even after it has been dropped, making it ideal for touchscreen devices.

  • Stability

The vertu’s body is made of a very hard alloy, the same one that is used in the manufacture of aircraft and satellites. Due to the usage of this material, even the most expensive smartphone on the market. It has exceptional resistance to mechanical stress.

  • Safety

The protection of personal information is given special attention. A special approach was required in order to keep them safe, which ensured complete concealment.

In spite of the fact that each model is distinctive in its own way, there are some stories that remain popular with customers. Check out the list of vertu phone price in India if you want to keep up with the latest trends.

We set off on a mission back in the 90s – back wen nobody used the word luxury. We wanted to make a better phone. So we asked ourselves, ‘If money was no object, what would we do’. We were at Nokia at the time, and that question had never been asked. Price is very important because phones are in a very competitive market. But even today, that questions remains at the core of what we do. We build phones using some very exotic materials at very high price points. We do crazy one-offs for people if they want, and even adding precious stones if needed. And of course, you can’t scratch our screens as they are solid sapphire.

The stigma surrounding Vertu is that it produces expensive, luxury mobiles. But that they aren’t very functional…

That’s not the case. For example, we have an optical image processor in the new Signature Touch. We have four gigabytes of RAM, and a dedicated image processing chip – this actually comes directly out of professional SLR cameras. It takes 21-megapixel photos. More importantly, we have it loaded with an extra-large battery. That’s the thing, more horsepower equals more fuel consumption. You don’t want to have to charge your phone every few hours.

Everyone uses the world luxury these days, it’s overused. Many people see an iPhone as a luxury smartphone.

If you asked people what a luxury phone was in this region, there is a very high awareness of Vertu. But most of the world would still say an iPhone.


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