The First Significant Update Finally Makes Windows 11 Good

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Windows 11 is finally getting good with the new service pack. We have the download, show new products and inform you about the final Release.

Two new Windows versions per year were the case with Windows 10. This year, Microsoft only has one major version update for Windows 10 and 11. As for Windows 11, the new version, Windows 11 22H2, has risen to Release Candidate. Build 22621 was chosen for this.

It is currently being distributed via the Windows Insider Program in the Release Preview channel. If there are no more major bugs, the next step is the final distribution.

All new features are already included at the current stage, so the latest Windows 11 is “Feature Complete”. We show what unique features Windows 11 gets with the first service pack, when the update is expected and why Windows 11 is finally good.


What’s new in the first service pack of Windows 11

The list of new features for Windows 11 22H2 is complete. Now only bugs are fixed, and only details change. Here we show the highlights of the latest Windows 11 version:

Start menu: There will not be a significant update for the start menu, but more or less recommended content can be displayed. It is also possible again to combine programs and apps using folders.

Taskbar: The taskbar is significant criticism of Windows 11 and will not be radically redesigned. But there are minor improvements and cosmetics. It is how drag-and-drop of files comes back, and programs can be pinned again.

Bluetooth: Practical WLAN settings can be reached via the quick settings; Microsoft had not previously provided this for Bluetooth. That is changing now. You can also use the Bluetooth icon in the quick settings to quickly pair devices or disconnect wireless connections. Diving into the grounds is no longer necessary.

Explorer: The quick access in Explorer is renamed “Start” and gets its area with “Favorites”. You can pin important files there. Small gimmick folders show a preview of the contained files on the icons. OneDrive is displayed more prominently; a small button provides additional information about cloud storage.

Windows: Snap layouts can now be activated simply by dragging windows to the top of the screen.

Task Manager: Windows 11 22H2 finally refreshes the Windows 11-style Task Manager design. There is also a sidebar with a hamburger menu and a dark mode. In addition, the task manager also uses accent colours for the display. Programs that consume too many resources can be slowed down using the efficiency mode in the context menu.

New Flyouts: There are now fancier flyout menus when pressing volume or screen brightness buttons. So far, you have had to retrofit them with additional programs.

Lock screen: Windows 11 22H2 brings an update for the lock screen. So there is the possibility of controlling the music playback directly.

Performance: Windows 11 22H2 should also give a performance boost.

AirPods: Windows should be able to handle Apple’s TrueWireless headphones better.

Settings: The settings are improved in various places or get more options, such as “Display”, “Sound”, “Bluetooth”, “Microsoft Account”, or “Network”. The control panel is to be retired sooner or later.

Windows 11 22H2 Release

There are no significant visual changes, but Microsoft has polished Windows 11 22H2, for example, with a slimmer alt-tab switch.

It is a common practice in software development that, at some point, a deadline is set for the innovations. It is the status called “Feature Complete”.

After that, only bugs are fixed, and a lot of time is spent on testing. Windows 11 22H2 is already available in the Release Preview channel and the version provided there should also be finally launched in autumn.

But that will take time. Microsoft has not yet commented on this, so one can only speculate. They will probably not rush into anything and will continue to test diligently into the summer. We’re guessing October 2022 for the launch of Windows 11 22H2, which would keep you in the yearly rhythm.

Try new Windows 11 in advance.

It’s not a big secret what happens in Windows 11 22H2, and windows Insiders have been able to try this for a while. Register as a Windows Insider and Login for the ” Windows Insider ” via Windows Settings under ” Windows Update ” if you also want to get a sneak peek at the latest Windows 11, register as a Windows Insider and sign up for the “Windows Insider Program” via Windows Settings under “Windows Update”.

There are three channels to choose from: In the “Dev Channel” section, you can get the latest bits and a preview of Windows 11 23H2. The safe choice is the “Release Preview Channel”.

If you want Windows 11 22H2 before the big onslaught but still value a stable system, this is your area.

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