5 Tips to Help You Gain More Instagram Followers fast

If you want to gain more Instagram followers fast, you can’t just sit back and expect that your existing followers will organically share your posts with their friends and family on the platform. They won’t — at least not most of them. To really boost your following, try using these five tips to help you gain more Instagram followers fast.

1) Connect with influencers

How do you get people to follow you? First, you need to establish your presence by connecting with influencers on Instagram. These are people who have a lot of followers and regularly post photos that get likes and comments. People will see these posts and will want to know more about them—this means they’ll check out your profile as well! To start, search for top-tier influencers by typing in #follow4follow into your Instagram’s search bar. This hashtag leads users directly to accounts looking for more followers. After adding some of these folks as friends, you’ll begin seeing their activity on your feed and learn how other people like their content. Once you’ve had some time following some influencers, it’s time for…

2) Build relationships

With more than 400 million active users, it’s easy to see why Instagram is one of today’s top social media platforms. But growing your following is no easy task. it takes patience and strategy. Don’t worry though; we have you covered. To help you gain more followers fast, we put together a list of five tips: Build relationships. The whole point of social media is for people to interact with other people in their community, so make sure that you take time each day to interact with people who share similar interests as you.

3) Post often

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but it can also be an incredible tool for increasing your business’s exposure. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar establishment or an online shop, growing your social media presence can help you gain new customers. The easiest way to get more followers on any platform is by posting often. Rather than running a single ad campaign at a time, divide your budget into several smaller campaigns that rotate regularly over different platforms. As well as gaining more followers over time, you will also likely be exposed to more potential clients because they’re seeing your post multiple times instead of just once.

4) Create quality content

Photos and videos are a must-have on your page, but they’re not enough. Often it takes posting one great piece of content multiple times with different copy in order to see a significant increase in followers. Utilize tools like Later, Repost and Canva to help create high-quality content that you can share over and over again. Don’t forget about using relevant hashtags that connect your images with other accounts within your niche; This will ensure your posts are seen by more people who follow similar content on Instagram. Make sure you’re sharing photos that compliment each other.

5) Engage your audience

Getting followers is easy, but building a following on Instagram means having conversations with your audience. This is key when it comes to growing your account because each comment, like and follow shows potential new followers that there’s something valuable here. Make sure you are engaging in two-way conversations as often as possible; not only will it make them more likely to follow you back, but your community will feel a sense of loyalty and respect for what you have built so far. The only way people want a piece of your pie is if they know that you are willing to share it.

One More Tip

More and more people are joining Instagram each day and brands are taking notice. As an up-and-coming brand, you need a way to connect with your potential customers. One effective way is by investing in some paid promotion on social media—including paid ads for your account. A good first step is through IGTV. The video platform has already amassed millions of subscribers, allowing you to reach a large audience quickly. To engage followers once they’re watching, continue posting relevant content on both platforms and use hashtags that resonate with your target audience. Another key tip? Use influencers!


The key thing here is not to take any shortcuts. In fact, avoid programs that offer a high amount of followers for a low price. While these may be tempting, many of them are bad and you will risk your reputation in trying them out. So how can you actually increase your number of followers? There are several different ways that you can do it: guest blogging, commenting on other people’s posts, attending events like Fashion Week (since all of those famous models have millions of followers), and also posting frequently and engaging with others in general.

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