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What is an Ideal Length of a Motivational Speech?


Before you start your journey as a motivational speaker, you should keep one thing in mind – your speech will play a vital role in the success of your event. Additionally, you must remember two more things – content can make your speech and poor delivery can easily break it. No matter how kick-ass content you keep for the speech, if you do not deliver it the way it is expected, it will be a failure. And for this, your body language is one of the most important things. Many leading motivational speakers including Deepanshu Kher believe that body language is of great importance while interacting with the public and on the stage.

Now, check out the following points to know how your body language can help you when you are on the stage:

If you are starting, then you might have heard so many people advising you to warm up, breathe deeply, or simply stretch before you go on the stage. It is because these little activities will help you loosen up a bit. But what does loosening up mean? Well! It is nothing but ‘not being tight’. The finest way to do so is through meditation. You are advised to practice meditation daily to feel mentally calm and physically relaxed. Apart from this, you are also advised to reach the venue a little early so that you can do some walk rehearsals on the stage to feel confident and loosen up.

Some motivational speakers made a mistake by utilizing the stage without any reason. In simple terms, whenever you walk on the stage from one point to another or use any sort of hand gesture, do it with a purpose. Always do it if this is helping you effectively communicate with your audience. You can see Deepanshu Kher motivational speaker to know how beautifully he uses the stage. For example, if you want a transition in your speech, you can move on to the stage. In simple terms, you are advised to use the stage for moving from one point to another only when needed, not unnecessarily.

People who are new to this field often ask – what should we do with our hands? Well! For this, you will need to practice and understand when and how much to use your hands while on the stage. It is will look awkward if you overuse your hands and look a little fake if you do not use them properly. The only answer to knowing the deliberate use of hands is – constant practice. One piece of advice is – NEVER KEEP YOUR HANDS IN THE POCKET. It will not only look odd but makes you feel closed off as well. Start following someone like mr Kher to know how to use your hands properly while on the stage.


To look confident while on the stage, you must maintain the right eye contact with your audience. When you do it, you will look convinced and more authoritative in whatever you are saying. What will happen when you failed at maintaining eye contact? Well! You will come out as a less confident, less effective, and less believable speaker. Since eye contact with the audience is not easy as you can notice people judging you or making faces when you are speaking, it is good not to look at them directly.

Instead, look at them on the noses or forehead. This will look as if you are watching them, but in reality, you will not. Secondly, keep 2-3 familiar faces in the audience so that they can act as a comfort source for you. In case you do not have any knowledge of this, you are advised to see the available space between two people while speaking. NEVER LOOK AT THE FLOOR OR ON THE ROOF OR ANY OTHER AWKWARD POINT. It will not only distract your audience but make things harder for you.

Wrapping it up!

In addition to the points listed above, there are some mistakes that you should never do while on the stage and delivering a motivational speech. These include standing with cross hands, keeping hands in your pocket, not smiling, and not practicing well. Just remember that body language is more like a non-verbal way of communication. Hence, it should be as correct as possible. And for this, practice as much as you can and simply start following people like Deepanshu motivational speaker to get better ideas.

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