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Top medical colleges in the Philippines


Before we start exploring the list of the top medical colleges in the Philippines, let us consider the components that grant these colleges the stature that they are enjoying today. A university ranks as the supreme only when it furnishes its students from distinct origins which equal opportunities for developing their academic pursuits and prospects for future endeavors; medical colleges, in particular, have a huge role to play while deciding a student’s potential career. In medicine, unlike the other courses, there can be no room for any mistake or compromise in the quality of learning; the entire world depends on this course of study to render themselves as healthy and prosperous beings. Therefore, the MBBS colleges must be essentially characterized by superiority, transparency of clauses, all-round developmental skills and practical implications of the learning derived from the curriculum.

Philippines today, is considered the hub of medical studies; Indian students, especially find it ideal to resort to the curriculum offered by them because of innumerable causes some of which are their low tuition and accommodation fees, versatility, approval secured by globally recognized medical organizations and institutions and communication in the universal language of English. Additionally, components like easy payment schemes, availability of scholarship, healthy environment and well-equipped facilities add up to form a reliable ground for the students to base their higher education upon. In the following section, we will be putting down the names of the top medical colleges in the Philippines according to the reviews submitted by their alumni and parents’ response.

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