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Tafcop Login, Registration and More Details


Frauders and scammers are now increasing day by day. People are literally crossing their limits and putting others in trouble. You must be aware of multiple frauds that are common nowadays. Aadhaar card is very important for Indians. They need it to do some important tasks such as buying a new sim , getting a new internet connection and many more. But people can misuse your Aadhaar card and you will never know. Tafcop is an online portal launched by the Indian government to check how many sim cards are registered on your card so it’s very helpful as it can save you from getting scammed.

What is Tafcop?

It is a portal launched by the department of telecommunication and its full form is Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Production. This helps you to identify the number of sim cards registered on your card and name. The concept of Aadhaar card in India was to prove their identity with just one card and now it’s a must have for every individual.

Tafcop portal: in is an online portal for Indians to keep themselves aware of any frauds. This helps them to identify any person who is using their Aadhaar card for getting a new sim card and to file a case against this illegal activity. It is absolutely a shameful act and no one is allowed to do it, in fact it can cause problems for that person in future.

Moreover it can harm your identity. If you are using your Aadhaar card for any purpose, the person to whom you have submitted your card can steal your details and use it to issue various sim cards for others. in login:

You would for sure love to take advantage of the service that telecommunication is providing you. If you want to take these advantages then you need to follow the given steps.

How to check the sim connection on your name?

The  biggest concern of every person is how many sims are working on their name. You are allowed to register 9 sim cards on your Aadhaar card. Follow the given steps to check it.

Benefits of Tafcop portal:

This portal comes with a variety of benefits. The government of India has taken this great step to save people from getting scammed. The benefits that come with this portal include.

Final points:

If you want to keep yourself away from scams then you should register an account at Tafcop portal. It is the duty of every country to protect  its citizens from any misfortune. Every country should design such ways that keep the country healthy and happy.

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