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Six Impressive Things to Know About iTop VPN

iTop VPN

If you browse a lot, you know the essence of a VPN. It is an essential utility that you need for your online privacy and safety. Getting a legitimate VPN can be challenging, seeing that there are several players on the scene. Each VPN service provider claims to be the best, though many come short of their promises.

iTop VPN is among the exceptions that live up to its assurances. It helps to have a better understanding of the utility you pick for your PC. We do you justice in the case of this iTop product by bringing you things you should know about it.

A Heavily Discounted Service

One of the impressive things about this VPN is its discounted prices. When you go premium with iTop VPN, you have to pay $11.99 monthly for the packages, billed depending on the duration. This cost is friendly, without even considering the discount. The discounts go up to 86%, which is not an everyday offer. Take advantage of this price cut while it lasts.

The Free Plan

Did you know that you can use iTop free of charge? You pick the free plan from the website and download it without even signing up for an account. Set it up and launch it to enjoy its services. 

The free plan gives you perks like access to 16 serves and 700MB data bandwidth. This version is excellent if you are a short-term or new user.

Plenty Of Premium Plans

Typically, iTop VPN has three plans to pick from 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month. Occasionally, you may get the 3-month plan, which is ideal for new users. You pay $6 per month, billed at $17.99 instead of the standard $11.99, representing a 50% discount.

You Can Use It on Your Smartphone

The other fantastic thing about iTop is that it can work on smartphones despite being a VPN for Windows. It has versions for iOS and Android-operated devices. You can download the apps from iTop’s website or popular app downloading sites like Play Store and Apple Store.

A 24/7 Customer Support 

You do not have to panic when you encounter a problem when using the VPN. The customer support center is active round the clock to help you with any issues or queries that you may have. The quick response shows the support team’s efficiency in taking care of your needs.

Affiliate Program

You have a chance of making passive income courtesy of iTop’s affiliate scheme. This is a referral program that you join if interested, and you will be referring others to iTop’s products. You gain a decent commission on a successful referral.

Final Word

iTop VPN is an excellent computing utility with plenty of resources that enhance its usability. Highlighted in this piece are some things you should know about this iTop product that can help you with navigation.

Take advantage of niceties like the free plan and amazing discounts. Enjoy its free download VPN for PC and mobiles now.

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