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How to Increase User Engagement in Your Mobile App?

User Engagement

Have you ever wondered- Why do some apps get 2X, 3X, or 10X downloads while some don’t even gain enough customer attention?

Well, that’s the question of almost all businesses! 

Let’s start with the facts!

Nearly 3.5 million mobile apps are floating on the Google Play Store, followed by the Apple Store with 2.2 million. Furthermore, on Amazon’s App Store, there are 480,000 apps readily available to download. 

The competition is already fierce but if you want to stay ahead, “User Engagement” is key to the success of your mobile app!

From attaining positive reviews to generating in-app purchases, user engagement in your mobile app is inevitable!

Now, you might be wondering- What are the ways to increase user retention in mobile apps?

Before we dive in, let’s find out! 

Understanding Mobile App Engagement

To put it simply, mobile app engagement refers to the measurement through which you decide the amount of interaction between a user and an app. 

Remember that, the engagement metric gives you an idea of how users respond to your app. 

Did you know?

The more users spend time on your app, the more useful data the app will generate to provide you with aspects to work on, as per the research from Rosetta Consulting. 

Let’s drop some jaw-dropping statistics related to user engagement!

Well, user engagement is great though! But are there any benefits of potential user engagement in your app? 

Let’s get started!

Benefits of User Engagement in Your Mobile App

Here is the list of the potential reasons to focus on user engagement in your mobile app. 

Benefit #1 Improves customer lifetime value

Overlooking the user engagement strategy may let you run into the mistake of lowering the customer lifetime value (LTV). The prime reason behind this is that your mobile app development might not attract and engage your target audience. Ensure you keep the LTV as high as possible to make necessary modifications to keep your users engaged and drive more engaged. 

Benefit #2 Understand your users better

When you start monitoring your app, you will learn about your users about whether they like a specific part of your app or not. Irrespective of your app’s type, the more users your app has, the easier it is for you to retrieve information. As a result, when you get to know your customers, you will get opportunities to improve your app’s interface and functionality. 

Benefit #3 Boost Your App’s Credibility

Remember that your user engagement determines the overall status of your business. If you have a strong engagement base then it’s a good sign that your app is doing well. On the other hand, if your app has a low engagement then try to create a strong community to bring credibility to your app. Furthermore, a higher app engagement will encourage users to keep returning to your app. Also, after using your app for some time, they will even recommend it to their friends and family. 

Note: There’s nothing better and credible marketing technique than “Word of Mouth”. But it may happen only because of “Higher User Engagement”.

Proven Tips to Increase User Engagement in Mobile Apps

1. Use push notifications strategically

When it comes to building higher user engagement, “Push Notifications” are one of the best ways to reap real business benefits. Implementing it may enable you to share relevant information, share updates, and always be in your user’s head. 

Furthermore, it’s often observed that custom push notifications may reduce the abandonment rate. 

The major highlight of push notifications is that they can help you deliver a tailor-made experience. Some of the prime examples of such notifications may include discounts on users’ birthdays, signing up for a customer loyalty program, re-engaging inactive users, encouraging users, and more. Ultimately, considering such examples may help you drive significant traffic to a nearby store.

2. Implement In-App Messaging

Another aspect of creating significant user engagement is in-app messages that educate your users through your app, highlight new features, and promote offers or content. Remember that the in-app messaging works only when the user is active on the app or using it. Furthermore, unlike push notifications, this tip will facilitate comprehensive communication and enhance the user experience. 

The biggest example of in-app purchases is Google Pay which incorporates tooltips that guide users to make payments to contacts via a QR code or a search. 

3. Use email to bring users back to the app

Though the aforementioned strategies work well, they could go in vain if the user has already disabled their push notifications. Sounds surprising, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the reason, if you’re running a business, you must be ready to embrace something new to bring higher user engagement. This is where the importance of email marketing kicks in!

Ensure you craft and send custom emails that resonate with your users’ needs. Also, you can ask them to provide feedback about how they feel using your app. Doing so will show how serious you are about your customers. Though the chances are quite rare, it might entice you to bring your disengaged users back to your mobile app. 

4. Gamify the App Experience

No matter what kind of app you own, if your app is boring then your customers will likely close it in 5 seconds which leads to a higher bounce rate. Ensure you implement the concept of Gamification” to enable your users to compete against their friends. When it comes to bringing higher user engagement, ensure you create an appealing scoreboard that enables your users to users view their progress, highlight recent achievements, and encourage them to dive deep into the app’s features. 

5. Ask for feedback

Lastly, the major tip to attain substantial user engagement is to gather feedback from your customers. Ensure you check what they like or dislike about your app. Furthermore, you can give them a checklist via email to know what kinds of improvement they want to see in the app. Keep in mind when you already about your users’ needs, you can then easily modify or revamp your app that resonates with their preferences. Thus, it will help them to stick to your app and use it to buy products/services. 

Tip: Try to incorporate surveys into your customer support process to determine the level of customer satisfaction. For example, you can implement In-app messaging and chat to ask questions from your customers.


So, there you have it! These are the top effective strategies to ensure your app attracts your users and brings maximum engagement! Not only do these effective tips increase employee retention but also encourage new users to keep connecting with your app!

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