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Desi Arnaz’s Daughter Haley Arnaz: Bio, Wiki, Career, More

Haley Arnaz

Haley Arnaz (born December 17, 1976) is an American actress and singer. She is the daughter of Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz, Jr.’s son. Desi Arnaz is the only child of Lucie Arnaz and her first husband, Desi Arnaz, Jr.

She was born in Los Angeles and raised in Jamestown, New York, until age 12, when she moved to California with her mother and stepfather, Steven Craig, an orthopedic surgeon.

Haley Arnaz Bio

Born in Los Angeles in 1976, Haley Arnaz is not only an Emmy Award-winning actress, but she’s also a philanthropist and humanitarian. The daughter of legendary actor Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, Arnaz’s career began when she appeared alongside her mother on an episode of The Lucy Show.

A lifelong advocate for human rights and against global poverty, Arnaz has spearheaded several social impact initiatives. In 2005 she founded H2O Africa, a group that built water wells in Ghana. 

Haley Arnaz says that she draws inspiration from her mother’s philanthropic work.

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Haley Arnaz Family

Haley Arnaz, Daughter of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, is an American actress. She is famous for her role as a child in the TV series I Love Lucy.

Haley Arnaz is the only child of Desi Arnaz Jr. however, she has a half-sister from her father. She was the daughter of Desi Arnaz Jr. and his ex-girlfriend Susan Callahan-Howe.

Desi Arnaz jr net worth

According to authoritative sources, the estimated net worth of Desi Arnaz Jr is $15 million. India is the home of Desi Arnaz Jr, an American actor.

Desi Arnaz Jr, The father of Haley Arnaz, is one of India’s highest-paid actors and one of its wealthiest. Cuban-born Desi Arnaz was born on March 2, 1917. Desi Arnaz was well acclaimed for his looks, wit, and performance. D.A.A. III Desiderio Alberto Arnaz and de Acha are his full names.

Is Haley Arnaz Married?

Is Desi Arnaz’s daughter, Haley, married? No. Although it has been rumored that she is dating her boyfriend Dan Levy, who she started dating back in 2008 when they met while filming Lipstick Jungle together.

But they were seen spending a lot of time with each other back in 2012, so They speculated that they might have gotten married by then, but neither of them talked about their marriage, and as far as we know, there is no such news regarding their marriage till date.

Haley Arnaz Career

Haley Arnaz started her career at a very young age. She appeared in some of her father’s television shows like The Lucy Show and The Ann Sothern Show.

Haley has appeared in several movies and TV shows since then. In 2007 she had a guest appearance on CSI: Miami.

Additional Facts about Haley Arnaz

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